Robe at Prolight+Sound 2022

Robe hits the ground running at Prolight 2022, launching five brand new products – PAINTETM, TetraXTM, iBeam 250TM, Spikie+® and the Anolis CalummaTM … as well as showcasing five innovative products launched in 2021 – FORTETM, CUETETM, LEDBeam 350TM, T2 and T11 – which will be presented physically following their digital launches last year!

The Robe Live Show is back! Guests can enjoy the thrill, excitement, and drama of real live performance again in a specially devised theatrical style / musical show created just for the expo which will also demonstrate the new products in action!

Robe also has a further surprise up its sleeve – top secret until the expo – but it will be located outside the exhibition hall and will be related to “Robe on the Road” activities. It will also be getting plenty of WOWs!

Robe is celebrating the industry moving beyond the pandemic with the dropping of restrictions in many places and the reignition – with huge enthusiasm – of live shows, concerts, festivals, etc., in addition to being able to reconnect in-person again after two years.

The mood of the daily on-stand ‘Get-Together Hour’ will also be respectful and reinforce solidarity with European neighbours Ukraine as they fight for their land, sovereignty and lives as well as for all of Europe. This is the time to focus on the strength, bonds and good energy of human connections, and the advantages that long-term democracy, peace and independence can bring to the world.

The expectations are high that Prolight+Sound will still be a major networking hub for European visitors as well as those from further afield who will be checking out the latest technologies, providing a fantastic opportunity to do business, make new contacts and reconnect with existing ones.

Being Launched at Prolight 2022:


PAINTE™ is a compact moving light that delivers a quiet, quality profile solution for short to medium throw scenarios in theatrical, television, installation, live or corporate settings. The impressive 12,000-lumen fixture output has a sparkling, clear white light, with boundless colours via the advanced CMY colour mixing system.

Designed for noise-sensitive environments, PAINTE features a TE 310W HP White LED engine from Robe’s ground-breaking TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology range, a motorised 8°- 48° zoom which is ideal for a wide range of short to medium throw applications and many more.

iBeam 250™

Festival fever will soon be here … and the iBeam 250™ is the latest in Robe’s constantly growing iSeries which are fully IP65 rated. This offers everyone’s favourite wash-beam attributes – speed, colour and zoom range, etc – in a package to handle all the challenges of outdoor use and work.

Ideal for festivals, concerts, theatre, and any outdoor events or unpredictable weather scenarios, the iBeam 250™ also has all the favourite features of its massively popular indoor relative, the LEDBeam 150™. Ingenious ingress protection is specifically designed and developed to ensure the fixture is completely sealed and IP65 compliant. An aluminium housing provides a dust-free environment for the optics, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning, routine maintenance, and UV damage to plastic parts.

NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology, setup, diagnostic and performance features can be accessed directly from a mobile device even when the fixture is not powered via the Robe Com app.


This has been developed after the huge success of the Tetra1™and Tetra2TM products. Added to the TetraX™ is a dynamic pan movement with extremely high-speed continuous rotation, dramatically increasing the sweep-effect possibilities of the fixture. Each of the 9 evenly spaced pixels generates an ultra-tight 4° beam and these combine to produce a bright, defined “sheet” of light. The homogenised beams and smooth 11:1 motorised zoom provide ultra-smooth washes out to 45°.

TetraX™ excels with three patented MCFE™ – Multi-Coloured Flower Effects – emitting sharp, multi-coloured spikes of light, with variable speed and rotation direction control, which further boost the impact of in-air animations.


Retaining the fast-moving, compact design of the original, the new Spikie+ generates 25% more lumens from its single 60W RGBW source. The fixture has a specifically designed 110mm front lens, and a rapidly moving zoom that produces beams from a super-tight 4-degrees to a soft and wide 28-degree wash. Once again, Robe’s very cool MCFE™ – Multi-Coloured Flower Effects create sharp multicoloured spikes of light, rotating bi-directionally with variable speed.

The unique Beam Effects Engine transforms the output into three piercing rays of narrow beams, while continuous pan and tilt movement adds a further layer of dynamism. Colour management includes CMY or RGBW mixing modes. Small and compact, weighing just 7.3kg, Spikie+ can be rigged at any angle.

Anolis Calumma™

The Calumma™ Series is designed as a new industry-standard range to continue the success of the Anolis ArcSource family. The Floodlights are powerful, efficient and well-rounded to provide great light output for many applications. Calumma™ luminaires have proper durability for harsh outdoor environments as well as beautiful design to complement indoor applications. A wide range of options makes the Calumma™ valuable to any lighting designer.

First Time Seen at Prolight 2022


Launched in early 2021, Robe’s current highest powered LED moving light is packed full of specialist innovations and is a fixture of the future.

Robe Prolight 2022 preview FORTE IMG 0684 1



You can now choose between the TE™ 1,000W HP White LED Engine (HP – High Performance), producing the highest output possible, or the TE™ 1,000W HCF White LED Engine (HCF – High Colour Fidelity) for those requiring exceptional colour quality, with either being fitted into the same fixture in around five minutes!

Harnessing the strength of the self-referencing, data capturing TRANSFERABLE ENGINES, FORTE™ has a wide-ranging 5 – 55 degree zoom to fulfil all spot, wash, and beam applications, contained within its sub 40kg frame. Robe’s narrow zoom output boosts performance by over 15%, giving an increased output, perfect for sabre-like beams.

A new, cutting-edge, CMY colour mixing system provides beautifully smooth colour transitions, and combined with two colour wheels, CRI 80 and 90 filters (HP Engine) and a variable CTO from 3.000 – 6.700 K, FORTE™ offers total colour finesse.

T2 ProfileTM

Robe’s new T2 ProfileTM luminaire utilises an array of innovative technologies including the amazing colour finesse of the very successful Multi-Spectral LED (MSLTM) light engines.  Crafted for multiple applications like concert halls, theatre, television and auditoriums. the T2 Profile produces 22.000 lumens – measured at the front lens – via its 850W MSL™ source, to throw beautiful high-quality light over long distances.

Robe Prolight 2022 preview T2 Profile 1

T2 Profile™


T2 FresnelTM & T2 PCTM

Simultaneously maintaining the absolute colour finesse of Robe’s T1 series, featuring the MSLTM (Multi-Spectral) LED engine, the T2 FresnelTM produces 20,300 lumens and the T2 PCTM 20,700 lumens, both measured at the front lens, via their 850W MSLTM light sources.

With their respective zoom ranges – 7-62° for the Fresnel, and 6-62° for the PC – these fixtures are ideally suited to long-throw roles in theatre, television, and touring. T2 Fresnels and PCs are again full of theatrical subtlety.

With CMY colour control, DataSwatchTM filters containing a selection of pre-programmed colours via the RCCTM(Robe Colour Calibration) algorithm and a wide-ranging 2,700K to 8,000K CCT control, all variations of colour are possible. T1 and T2 platforms can be used together with absolutely no variations in colour, providing consistent colour across the lighting rig.


T11 ProfileTM, T11 FresnelTM, T11 PCTM

T11 is a static fixture – available in three versions (Profile, Fresnel, and PC) – designed to be a perfect investment for any venue, especially theatres and performance spaces seeking to renew their existing ‘generic’ lighting rigs and upgrade to the latest LED technology with Robe’s guaranteed reliability and quality.

Robe Prolight 2022 preview T11 Profile

T11 Profile™

This genuine three-in-one solution in a single fixture housing alleviates the additional cost of separate ‘generic’ purchases, and it embraces a more sustainable future.


Robe’s T11 Profile MFSTM (Manual Follow Spot) utilises the superb performance and zoom range of the T11 ProfileTM to give a highly flexible, fully functional, compact follow spot.

Sideways mounted handles are ergonomically designed to allow access to the control buttons on the rear-mounted display panel. Parameter control may be set via the control buttons or remotely from the console, leaving the operator to concentrate on the actual physical follow spotting.

With the MSL-TETM 350W LED Engine generating over 11,800 lumens from the fixture, all the advantages of Robe’s TRANSFERABLE ENGINE – cost, exchange, and replacement – are also available. This multi-spectral LED technology provides identical colour characteristics, responses, and control of T series luminaires, for full colour consistency across a Robe lighting installation.


Creating dynamic effects and projections is a quick and simple process with the CUETE, which offers an excellent CMY colour mixing system and an impressive 5,300-lumen output making it stand out on any lighting rig. To achieve this output and to easily maintain the light quality and consistency across any lighting rig or inventory, CUETEutilises Robe’s patented TE™ 120W White LED Engine which is at the core of the manufacturer’s ground-breaking TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology.

Robe Prolight 2022 preview CUETE IMG 1259 1



The CUETE’s 16-degree fixed beam lens has remote control focus and can be swapped to the optional 22-degree lenses for shorter throw and low ceiling scenarios. Within its small frame, the CUETE is action-packed with Robe innovation.

LEDBeam 350

Building on the highly successful LEDBeam 150™, the more powerful LEDBeam 350™ delivers more punch and presence to create even more fast sweeping beam effects and fantastic washes. The fixture has a spectacular 3.8° to 60° zoom range and Robe’s innovative lens coating technology keeps lenses clearer and scratch-free. Further advanced technology includes the Cpulse™ Pulse Width Modulation Control system for removing on-screen camera flicker. This makes the LEDBeam 350s perfect for work with the most advanced HD and UHD cameras. Features like fast movement, colour mixing, zoom and control can be maintained via a compatibility mode so both models of LEDBeam can be integrated seamlessly on the same rig.

Robe Prolight 2022 preview LEDBeam 350 IMG 1805 1

LEDBeam 350™

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Robe hits the ground running at Prolight 2022, launching five brand new products – PAINTETM, TetraXTM, iBeam 250TM, Spikie+® and the Anolis CalummaTM … Read more…

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