Little Lotta 250A 3-Phase Distro

Little Lotta v15_ASA iso
Little Lotta v15_ASA front standard
Little Lotta v15_ASA front contactor protected
Little Lotta v15_ASA rear

High quality scalable power distribution for the Professional Audio Visual, Rental, Staging and Installation Markets.


  • High Quality Rack Mount Enclosure
  • Durable Laser Engraved Legend
  • High Quality Circuit Breakers
  • Rugged Connectors
  • Integrated 3-Phase Digital Multimeter
  • Microprocessor Controlled L1-L2-L3-N-E Status LED
  • Designed to be used with our range of 63A and 32A Sub-Distribution boards
  • Up to two 250A DB’s can be looped for 500A Distribution System
  • Service power outlets on dedicated Earth Leakage (Independent of main system)


  • Intelligent Protection**
  • Over/Under Voltage Programmable Disconnect Contactor
  • Over Current Programmable Disconnect Contactor
  • Remote monitoring option ***
  • Stainless steel enclosure option for corrosive environments


  • 1 x 500A 380V 3-Phase L1-L2-L3+N+E
  • 5 x 500A Powersafe Terminal
  • 1 x 4-Pole 250A Overload Breaker


  • 6 x 63A 380V 3-Phase L1-L2-L3+N+E Circuits
  • 6 x 5-Pin 63A C-form connector
  • 6 x 63A 3-Pole Overload Breaker
  • 4 x 32A 380V 3-Phase L1-L2-L3+N+E Circuits
  • – 4 x 5-Pin 32A C-form connector
  • – 4 x 32A 3-Pole Overload Breaker


  • 1 x 500A 380V 3-Phase L1-L2-L3+N+E
  • – 5 x 500A Powersafe Terminal
  • Service Outlets
  • 30mA Earth Leakage Protected Service Sub-Distribution Board
  • 3 x 16A SA Service Plug *
  • 3 x 16A 1-Pole Overload Breaker
    u 19″ Rack Standard
    u 18u Rack Space
    u 631.4mm Mounting depth

* Available with BS Standard / Euro Standard Outlet
** Contactor Bypass Switch with this option
*** Requires separate network management unit (sold separately)