Theatre and Studio Engineering Services

Theatre and Studio Engineering Services has joined DWR Distribution.

Established in the mid 1980s, Theatre and Studio Engineering is well known in South Africa for serving the theatre and entertainment market with design work and the manufacture of mechanical equipment and structures. Rob Young took over the company in 2003 and is now pleased to offer his expertise and workmanship to clients at DWR.

“I have always loved what I do because everything is different, ” said Rob. The new merge sees DWR Distribution adding a new warehouse to the existing office space situated at Kimbult Industrial Park in Laserpark, Honeydew.

“It’s a privilege for us to welcome Rob to the team,” said Duncan Riley of DWR. “He is a great man with much knowledge and experience and we hope that the years ahead will be happy ones.”

This means that with the help of Rob Young and his expertise, the following equipment and service can be offered:

Mechanical Stage Equipment:

Single and double purchase manual flying systems;
 Hand & motorised winch sets for lighting battens; 
Stage/orchestra lifts – hydraulic scissor lifts, mechanically hauled lifting platforms;
 Cabaret screw-jack operated lifts; 
Modular stages; motorised wagons; revolves; 
Motorised, festoon & hand winding curtain tracks; 
Internally wired lighting bars; 
Motorised rostrums; stage & seating rostra.

Television Studio Equipment:

Motorised lighting hoists; track and beam lighting grids; 
Pipe grids; cyclorama track systems.

Shows and Launches:

Steel structures for showstands; 
Projector brackets – custom made; 
Special screen frames; Portal trussing; Staging rostrums; 
Stage trucks; Revolving stages; 

Specialised Signage for the Entertainment Industry


Videowalls (in public areas) – monitor & cube; 
Shopping centre promotion grids; 
Concealed projector hoists (for hotel ballrooms, etc.) 
Showbar lighting, video and curtain tracks.


Boom arms, Flying irons, Grommets, Duck stands,
 Hook clamps, Truss clamps, Beam clamps, Beam crawls, Stage weights, 
Chain blocks (manual & electric), Chains; 
Steel wire rope, natural & synthetic ropes; 
Cable ferrules & Thimbles; Wire rope clamps; 
Curtain bobbins, Curtain tracks, Shackles, Swivels, Turnbuckles, 
Eyebolts, Pipe clamps, “U” bolts & saddles, 
Pulleys, Safety straps, 
Winches (manual & electric)

To contact Rob Young, simply e-mail [email protected] or call 011 794 5023.