Huey II 63A 3-Phase Distro

Huey II v15_ASA iso
Huey II v15_ASA front elv
Huey II v15_ASA front nelv
Huey II v15_ASA rear

High quality scalable power distribution for the Professional Audio Visual, Rental, Staging and Installation Markets.

High Quality Rack Mount Enclosure
Durable Laser Engraved Legend
High Quality Circuit Breakers
Rugged Connectors
Integrated 3-Phase Digital Multimeter
Microprocessor Controlled L1-L2-L3-N-E Status LED
Designed to be used with our range of 32A Sub-Distribution boards
Service power outlets on dedicated Earth Leakage (Independent of main system)

Earth Leakage
30mA Earth leakage protection
No Earth leakage protection **
Remote monitoring option ***
Stainless steel enclosure option for corrosive environments

1 x 63A 380V 3-Phase L1-L2-L3+N+E
1 x 5-Pin 63A C-form plug on 1.5m cable
1 x 4-Pole 63A Overload Breaker
3 x 32A 380V 3-Phase L1-L2-L3+N+E Circuits
3 x 5-Pin 32A C-form connector
3 x 32A 3-Pole Overload Breaker
3 x 32A 220V 1-Phase L+N+E Circuits
3 x 3-Pin 32A C-form connector
3 x 32A 1-Pole Overload Breaker
Service Outlets
30mA Earth Leakage Protected Service Sub-
Distribution Board
3 x 16A SA Service Plug *
3 x 16A 1-Pole Overload Breaker

* Available with BS Standard / Euro Standard Outlet
** Please consult local electrical regulations for approvals
*** Requires separate network management unit (sold separately)

19″ Rack Standard
6u Rack Space
436.4mm Mounting depth