Introducing the EC21 Advanced Control Electronics Processor



As major performance upgrade for EC21 Dimmer Racks, the Philips Strand Lighting Advanced Control Electronics processor delivers a new level of connectivity to EC21 systems. A new front panel design with integrated Ethernet port, together with an integral 4 port Ethernet switch, makes connectivity simple. Two DMX512 inputs are standard with the second input available for use as an RS485 port supporting the control system.


  • Dual 2.5kw and Single 5.0kw IGBT dimmer with 650μs rise time
  • Dual 3kW and 5kW Thyristor Dimmer Modules with 200μs or 435μs filter chokes
  • Range of Power Through Modules available with optional reporting features
  • Contactor and Fluorescent Modules available to control a wide range of loads
  • IGBT and SSR modules may be mixed in the same rack
  • Standard 50,000 AIC fault current rating with optional 100,000 AIC available
  • Front panel Ethernet connection
  • European DIN Standard breakers
  • Optional RCD per circuit on modules
  • Ample wire chamber for ease of installation and to accommodate oversize load wiring
  • Multi-industry standard Ethernet protocol support including ShowNet, Art-Net and streaming DMX over ACN (sACN)
  • Built-in Ethernet switch to link multiple racks
  • Web browser configuration
  • Dual DMX512 inputs with full patching
  • architectural control
  • Dual electronics with full tracking backup available
  • CE marked