grandMA3 Timecode Competition with DWR

grandMA3 Lighting Competition 5 copy

Light up and win! DWR Distribution invites all technicians, LDs, operators and those interested in lighting design to enter our exciting virtual grandMA3 Timecode Competition which forms part of DWR’s June lighting month. The winner will receive a grandMA3 viz-key!

This is the ideal opportunity to showcase your talent with the use of grandMA3 onPC software, available free of charge, to create a real-life lighting design. Each contestant will receive a patch which includes a list of lighting fixtures that can be positioned anywhere on the set to create their lighting show. The show must be timecoded to the epic cover “Paint it Black” by Hidden Citizens featuring Rånya.

The panel of judges include lighting designers  Joshua Cutts, Christopher Bolton, Michael Taylor-Broderick and Jaques Pretorius, who is responsible for MA Lighting Support and is  Head of Training at DWR Distribution. The competition is open to everyone residing in South Africa. While registration for the competition opens on 1 June, final submissions (completed showfiles) must be sent to DWR no later than 30 June 2022.

Contestants will be judged on:

  • The use of MA 3D
  • The overall use of the lighting rig
  • Interpretation of the song
  • Timing of cue changes
  • Colour choice

“I’m excited about this competition,” said Jaques Pretorius from DWR. “I know there is so much talent in South Africa and we can’t wait to see what the creatives will produce! The prize is also fantastic. The grandMA3 viz-key is the unique solution for stable and safe connectivity between third-party visualization tools and grandMA3 lighting control systems. Simply connect the grandMA3 viz-key with the visualization computer and it will enable all necessary parameters for visualization. We look forward to a great response. Now break a leg and get creative!”


  • The song choice is a cover of “Paint it Black” by Hidden Citizens featuring Rånya.
  • The full song needs to be timecoded
  • Lighting fixtures must be positioned and focussed
  • On completion, please upload your show file no later than 30 June 2022. Please remember to name your show file with your name and surname.
  • You are allowed to hide some of the 3D objects to make your render run smoother.
  • Feel free to manipulate your render setting to optimise performance for your PC.
  • The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable and is not redeemable for cash.

To enter, please register your details on the link below.

Look out for a link that will be sent to you to download the grandMA3 show file.