Costuming assistant


Production Manager – Houtkruis die Musical 2017 for Add-Life Productions
Duties included:
Overseeing and coordinating all aspects of physical production and the production process.
Supervising and oversee all production staff and crew.
Organizing and managing production design and scheduling and set rentals.
Providing cost estimates on designs submitted and account for commitments and expenditures in budgets for materials and labor in scenic, stage, lighting, sound and special effects, capital equipment and other special projects.
Establishing technical schedules and coordinate all activities related to theater productions including scenery construction, property construction, painting, maintenance and improvements.
Organising rehearsal props, sets and costumes.
Preparation of all show paperwork.
Video and music management and production for rehearsals and performances.
Developing procedures for stage effects and changeovers.
Coordinating and overseeing the installation, maintenance and inventory of technical equipment and facilities.
Assisiting in contracting dancers, choreographers and designers.
Facilitating communication between designers, directors and staff.
Maintaining supervision of theatre use.

Service coordinator – Christian Revival Church Pretoria
• Coordinating the broadcasting of live services to 35+ national and international locations through VLC and live stream.
• Communicating the flow of services to the different ministry heads during live services.
• Overseeing audio and visual quality of in-house production.
• Coordinating and administrating various productions throughout the year

White Lace Events
Events Manager – Weddings

Phone Number:
076 734 3560