Mediatech welcomes Elaine Peake

22 February 2013

  Elaine Peake

Head of Sales

Le Maitre Ltd


The build-up to Mediatech Africa has begun! The exhibition will be held from 17 – 19 July at the Coca-Cola Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg. Thanks to the great international interest DWR Distribution saw two years ago, we know it will be another success.


As we did two years ago, DWR are running a media campaign to introduce you to our overseas visitors who plan to attend Mediatech, as well as mention their latest products.


First to respond was lovely Elaine Peake, Head of Sales at Le Maitre. She commented, “So pleased to hear from you, you’ve certainly cheered my day up!! A trip to sunny SA is just what the doctor ordered, so looking forward to seeing you all!!!!”


Elaine’s response to a few questions below:


Anything significant that led you to work in this industry?

Not at the time but now I am in it I can’t imagine being anywhere else!!


Please mention your latest products? 

Salamander and more applicable to DWR the new Hazemaster (see details below).


Is there anything new in the pipeline, a new project or innovation that we can look forward to in the future?

Le Maitre are always researching new products, a few new lines are still in the early stages of R & D.


The favourite job you’ve ever worked on?

Has to be Mediatech 2011!!


If you attended Mediatech in 2011, what was your impression of the show?

Fantastic show with a constant stream of potential clients. Well organised, in a beautiful Country, it doesn’t really get better than that!!


Love to you all, see you soon xx


New Le Maitre Products:






Le Maitre’s HazeMaster is their most advanced and powerful hazer yet. With its massive output capacity, high power variable fan and low power consumption, it really is a class act. Add to that the rugged construction and you have a true professional hazer engineered to withstand the rigours of the road when on tour.


Le Maitre have taken all their experience from HazeMaster’s predecessors, the renowned Stadium Hazer and the MVS Hazer, and designed a completely new machine with a host of new features and benefits. Le Maitre’s acquired knowledge and original investments have enabled them to produce a much more competitively priced unit, despite using higher quality, longer lasting parts.


The first thing that strikes you is the sleek modern design and robust steel casing, underneath which lies a true masterpiece of engineering. The combination of an industrial grade air-pump, a 2-stage heating process and a microprocessor controller, produce an output so powerful that the HazeMaster can convert up to 500cc of fluid per hour. Despite the huge output, the high efficiency design results in the power consumption of the HazeMaster being just 800W – less than half that of the Stadium Hazer.


On starting up the HazeMaster you notice just how quiet it is and with only a 3 to 4 minute pre-heat time, the waiting time before use is much less than with many other hazers.


A high power, built-in fan is capable of moving up to 130 cbm/hr thus reducing the need for external fans and the inclusion of adjustable directional fan louvers which can be set from 45-90 degrees, not only control the haze direction but also play an important role in eliminating the condensation of haze on output.


The user panel is highly intuitive with easy to manipulate controls and a 3-digit LED digital display. The haze output and fan velocity can be adjusted in 2% increments over a 0-99% display range giving the operator ultimate control, and a manual override mode allows the operator to make these adjustments at the machine even while in DMX mode.


The maintenance benefits of the new HazeMaster have been improved to meet the needs of the touring community. The cool-down of the heat exchanger is rapid – just 2-3 minutes, compared to 2 to 3 hours in some competitive models which use a block system. This can be a big issue when it comes to general handling and maintenance. The heat exchanger is easy and inexpensive to clean and replace compared to other hazers. There is also a useful reminder on the display when the tube needs cleaning to assist in keeping the unit in peak performance at all times.

The HazeMaster, as with all Le Maitre hazers, incorporates their patented S.T.A.R technology, which uses a two-stage low mass heat exchanger technique to produce a fine, pure and consistent haze that hangs in the air for a long period of time. The result is some of the best haze for lighting operators, providing high definition to aerial beams, adding significantly to the impact and drama of lighting and laser rigs. This is a huge advantage over other hazers in the market.


There is no comparison between Le Maitre’s hazers and either oil-based hazers which can leave a messy residue on sets and equipment lenses, or less effective glycol hazers. Instead, Le Maitre’s Haze Fluid is a glycerol based solution which produces an odourless and dry haze, with the absence of oil ensuring no slippery surfaces underfoot. Furthermore the solution is all active ingredient, so the customer isn’t paying a high price for a fluid that is mainly water.





The Salamander is Le Maitre’s newest canister flame effect and produces the same great propane look as Le Maitre’s Chameleon with some very unique new features.


The Salamander’s small footprint allows units to be coupled together in a single position to produce larger flames or multiple colours. For example, four units together can collectively produce flames ranging in height from 10’ to 22’. The visual effect is truly stunning.


Canister-based fuels offer an ideal solution for anyone wanting to create a propane-style flame without the headaches. A single fuel canister will provide up to 45 seconds of continuous flame. Colours currently available are natural, red and green.


The design eliminates internal valves and accumulators, minimising the chance of the system becoming blocked or leaking. It is this which allows the Salamander to safely use coloured canister-based fuels without the risks usually associated with them. In addition, safe use of ethanol/methanol based canisters makes the Salamander ideal for locations or venues where propane/butane is not an option.


Canister-based fuels offer an ideal solution for anyone wanting to create a propane-style flame without the headaches. They eliminate the need for inconvenient external propane tanks, trailing pipes and multiple valves, enabling quick set-up and at a fraction of the cost.


The Salamander is controlled by 2 DMX channels that can be individually addressed. It also incorporates a number of safety features including a tilt-sensor and ignitor monitoring.