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Clay Paky A.LEDA B-EYE K20

Perfect Wash, Amazing Beam, Spectacular Graphic Effects A.LEDA B-EYE K20 is a truly innovative LED-based moving light, featuring ever seen features. The keywords describing this product are: versatile and spectacular. A.LEDA B-EYE K20 is versatile because it can be used in many diverse ways, even within the same project. In fact this fixture is, simultaneously, a […]

Avolites Titan Mobile Wing

Titan Mobile Wing gives direct access to items that are always needed, such as Shape Overlay Cues, Blinders, House Lights, Smoke Machines or Performer Key Lights for TV productions. The generous, 30 User Programme Executors offer control or selection of Cues, Lists, Palettes, Groups or user programmable Macros. As our industry ‘greens up’ and wises […]

Baby Gallery

Robe Robin MiniMe

ROBIN MiniMe® Ideal for bar, club, restaurant and retail lighting, the MiniMe is an effects lighting luminaire with the addition of full video output. This small, neat, fast moving fixture is LED driven with a 20,000hour lifetime lightsource. Colours, gobos and beam shapes are all digitally generated by the on-board micro media server.  Custom artwork, […]

Ai Server Infinity Series

 Award winning,ultra high specification Media Server The award winning, record breaking Ai Infinity server is the talk of the industry.  Its 8 unique full HD DVI outputs, each with internal EDID management and production & preview connectors are the envy of the competition. The Infinity server includes many more unique hardware features, such as LTC […]

The Hexagon Theatre

It’s rare to come across a theatre that’s cared for in every way from the entrance to the vacuumed walkways and even the management offices and FOH. It’s a place where billboard posters of previous shows are framed and neatly hung up on walls and you’ll be surprised to know that some of the Hexagon […]

DWR in Cape Town

DWR Distribution is pleased to announce the appointment of Bradley Bruchhausen who will provide sales and support to clients in Cape Town. “Having a full time representative in Cape Town is something we always hoped for,” said Duncan Riley of DWR. “It’s so much easier for our clients to make a phone call and be […]

Innibos coming in July

If you are someone who is so busy that you sometimes, regrettably, only hear of an event after it’s done and dusted, be sure to diarise 2 -5 July 2014 for the 11th annual Innibos Festival. Held once again in Nelspruit, the organisers are expecting over 300 artists and over 300 market stalls. The main […]

Robe on Syzygy

  Syzygy, a dance production by the Break Thru Dance Company and in particular, the work of choreographer Taryn Makaab, ran at the Izulu Theatre at Sibaya Casino in Durban from the 25 – 28th September 2013. Lighting the show, which consisted of a range of dance styles from contemporary to ballet and hip hop, […]