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Innovative ROXX partners with DWR

DWR Distribution is delighted to be appointed as the official partner in South Africa for ROXX, the innovative lighting brand gaining respect and momentum from top lighting designers.

While ROXX is a young company, only established in 2019, the three founding partners, Daniel Garcia, Michael Herweg and Thorsten Sattler, have many years of experience in the events and lighting industries and exceptional know-how in professional lighting technology. The products developed and designed in Germany push the envelope, and the range includes the Show Series, Flex Series, Cluster Series, control on the ROXX. APP and accessories from lenses, cases, and brackets to power supplies and ground plates.

DWR’s introduction to ROXX occurred almost simultaneously, although 10 000 kilometres apart! Lighting designer Roland Greil was in South Africa to present a lighting design workshop hosted by DWR Distribution. During a conversation with Duncan Riley of DWR, he mentioned that he had been using ROXX on shows saying the company made really cool products and were nice guys to deal with. He was right on both accounts.

Meanwhile, DWR’s Robert Izzett and Bruce Riley were down under in Australia visiting LSC Control Systems, who are also a ROXX distributor. “I had just seen the Roxx equipment at LSC when Duncan called me and said I had to look up a new product called Roxx, and of course, I had just seen it!,” recalls Robert Izzett from DWR. “We both felt the products were amazing, and we started the process.”

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Thorsten Sattler from ROXX with DWR’s Duncan Riley and Robert Izzett at Prolight and Sound.

While there are countless LED products on the market, ROXX has distinguished itself by investing time and thought with the design of each fixture. “The one thing I like is the modularity of the products and being able to link units together, resulting in speed and ease of rigging,” adds Duncan Riley of DWR. “ROXX allows certain products to clip together. You could link a 2-lite Audience blinder (two cell) to a 4-lite Audience Blinder (four cell) and a S2 Cluster strobe, and ultimately build a wall simply by clipping fixtures together.” 

The partnership between ROXX and DWR was finalised at Prolight + Sound, the global entertainment technology show held in Frankfurt recently. “We met up with the three ROXX founders, who are an amazing bunch of guys who have been in the industry for many years and have the vision to do things better to be innovative,” says Robert. “Their products are just groundbreaking, as an example, their crowd blinder. ROXX looked at the old tungsten version of a crowd blinder, asked how they could improve it with new technology, and then created a fixture that doubles the output of a standard unit. They took the concept of a conventional strobe and then took it to a brand-new level.”

One can’t help but be drawn to some of the bespoke products in the ROXX range that look so retro and attractive but turn them on, and they’ll take your breath away.

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