Le Maitre

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We can’t help it! We have our favourites and Le Maitre is one of them. It’s all about excellent smoke and haze machines and most importantly the lovely, lovely Elaine Peake! We are certain she is everyone’s favourite and it has been a pleasure working with her and the Le Maitre team.

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Combined with excellent service back-up, it is the preferred supplier of theatres, touring companies, the TV and film industry and corporate customers around the globe.

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Elaine Peake, LeMaitre

Le Maitre’s international distributor network of over 100 professional companies is second to none. From initial advice through to purchase and after-sales service, they can always be relied upon.

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LeMaitre MVS Hazer


Web Phliemon Maepa from DWR with Elaine Peake from LeMaitre during Mediatech 2011

ElainePeake visited South Africa for Mediatech 2010. With her is DWR’s Philemon Maepa.