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DWR to supply Ron StageMaster

Eilon Engineering Weighing Systems Ltd, the brand synonymous with Ron StageMaster and Ron load cells, crane scales and dynamometers, have appointed DWR Distribution as their South African distributor.

“We are happy to begin our cooperation with DWR for the distribution of our Ron StageMaster systems in South Africa,” said Noga Eilon-Bahar of Eilon Engineering. “DWR is one of the country’s leading supplier of equipment to the entertainment industry equipment, and is an important addition to the Ron StageMaster distribution network worldwide. I am sure that together we will make live events in South Africa even safer, and I have no doubt that this relationship will be successful.”

While Eilon Engineering was established some forty years ago, it was in 2006 that the company decided to harness its extensive knowledge in advanced wireless communication as well as its proven load cell technology for the development of an advanced multi point load monitoring and overload prevention system.

This was the inception of the Ron StageMaster™ system, which shortly after its launch, gained international recognition as well as innovation awards at both LDI and PLASA.

Noga Eilon Bahar of Eilon Engineering 400 1
Noga Eilon-Bahar of Eilon Engineering

“It’s an honour to be associated with a brand that has renown world-status, particularly known in the entertainment industry for the highest possible safety standards,” commented Duncan Riley of DWR. “Eilon shares our sentiment of being a company focused on customer service, and we appreciate the dedication and support they have already afforded us.”

Robert Izzett and Duncan Riley of DWR 800
Robert Izzett and Duncan Riley of DWR

With its slogan, “Safety Above All”, the company is made up of individuals excited about their product and the significant impact it makes on the hoist market. As stage products have grown in size, tons of equipment often suspended above the audience, Ron StageMaster is continually coming up with products, such as the load monitoring system, to ensure safety first.