Visual Productions launches the new B-Station2

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Designed to offer a user interface to your lighting project, the B-Station2 is a wall-mount panel with 6 push-buttons. The buttons can be configured to send out a multitude of control messages via UDP, OSC, DMX, Art-Net or sACN.

The B-Station2 fits European and North American gang boxes. Easy to wall-mount, even when no gang box is available. The B-Station2 contains an inbuilt lighting controller that is sufficient for small architectural projects.


6 Push-Buttons

The six buttons feature RGB indicators to provide visual feedback. There is complete freedom in choosing which function is assigned to the buttons. The indicators can, for example, show the selected cue or active show.

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Remote Control

The B-Station2 seamlessly integrates with other devices from the Visual Productions family of control products e.g. CueCore2, QuadCore, DaliCore, LPU-2, TimeCore and IoCore2.


3rd party AV equipment

The B-Station2 speaks many protocols that are popular amongst AV equipment and system’s integrators. This makes the B-Station2 compatible with a wide range of third-party equipment like audio players, media servers and show controllers, etc.


Stand-Alone DMX

Control small architectural installations stand-alone with the inbuilt lighting controller for 32 fixtures and 6 zones, including FX generator.

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