SelbyGuard Rainroofs and Airdomes

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SelbyGuard covers the whole world…

SelbyGuard® produces Rainroofs and Airdomes for the professional lighting market. The products serve as rain protection for lighting equipment such as valuable Movingheads. An innovative,  high quality, professional solution for lighting protection. All SelbyGuard® products have been tested thoroughly. These tests take place in real show conditions and in severe weather like snow, rain and high winds.  These essential tests and evaluations with lighting technicians allow SelbyGuard® to continue to innovate in regards to technique and design. The product improvements translate into time saving ways for lighting technicians to install and take down the equipment.

Through the intensive collaboration with professionals from the field and strict quality controls, we can live up to what we stand for: to protect professional lighting equipment from rain, hail, snow, pyro confetti and dust. With SelbyGuard®, the show goes on!

SelbyGuard® offers a wide range of products and responds to a fast changing market in which new Movingheads are being released regularly. Known and lesser-known brands, various dimensions.


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