International #Rave2Recovery this weekend supports #FeedourCrew



#Rave2Recovery is a 24 hour online global fundraising rave helping DJs and crew across the whole events industry who’ve been severely affected by the pandemic. South African Dino Moran, accompanied by a team of talented local DJs, will join the lineup of talent across the world for the music session that kicks off on Saturday 12 June from 5pm. Many charities will benefit from the initiative including #FeedourCrew. The South African live broadcast segment is from 12 noon to 3pm on Sunday and it’s free of charge!

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Endorsed by #WeMakeEvents, the online rave features some of the most exciting artists to raise awareness and funds for DJs, crew and production professionals in the industry across the world. Some haven’t worked in over 18 months and have received no financial help from their governments. Some are desperate while others have lost their homes.


DJ Dino Moran has gathered South African artists to provide an authentic flavour to the exciting programme featuring sounds of Amapiano, Kwaito and QGOM, African Deep House and techno brought to the turntable by DJ Mamba, DJ Menace, DJ Bowden, DJ Lusanda,  Stab Virus and of course Dino Moran.

DJ Dino Moran

DJ Dino Moran


There will be 2 LIVE streams, GLOBAL and URBAN. You can get a FREE guest pass here and will be sent the Mixcloud link with the line ups and set times. The guest pass will help you take part in the live, interactive, lazer beaming, heart-pumping rave, in the comfort of your own home. Turn down the lights, get your party gear on and enjoy the very thing DJs love to do –  play great tunes and entertain!


#Rave2Recovery will feature some of the best global artists with tunes from every genre, spliced with banter from artists and celebrities in every corner of the globe.

DJ Mamba

DJ Mamba


There are currently guest passes all over the world, from across the USA to the UK, Asia, Africa and Europe, let’s see how far we can get!


You can follow #Rave2Recovery on social media: for the latest news. Please use #Rave2Recovery and #WeMakeEvents on posts you put up in support.


People can also buy merchandise that can be shipped all over the world here

DJ Lusanda

DJ Lusanda


Territories can raise money for their own people by donating to the following charities:

UK: Backup


USA: Touring Professionals Alliance

South Africa: Feed Our Crew


Spain: Actua, Ayuda, Alimenta


Iceland & Sweden: Crew Coalition


Hong Kong: Charitable Choice


Poland: WOSP


China: United Way


Let’s party until the sun comes up and carry on until we can dance no more. Raving to save lives, who can resist?