Phillemon Sewela

P Sewela

Phillemon joined DWR in September 2013.  He works in the manufacturing department where they are responsible for the manufacture of all stage mechanical equipment.  His job is very diverse and very much client driven.  Phillemon is a very dedicated and hard working person who strive for perfection and attention to detail.  Phillemon is a quiet person and is extremely happy to be working for DWR and is grateful for the opportunity that DWR has given him and hopes to grow with the company.

Phillemon laughs saying that he finds himself working at greater heights, the scariest being working in the roof in the Seychelles.  He says he is sometimes in awe of himself and the capability within himself to be able to work at such great heights.

Phillemon enjoys watching soccer both at live events and on TV and listening to music.

Phillemon is eager to uplift himself within the company, to be sent on courses which will enable him to grow with the company and further his career.  He would love to attend a welding course and become a professional welder.

When asked if he had any fears, he replies that sometimes if some-one has bad intentions, but he believes that he is a brave man.