Hilton Arts Festival coming up soon!

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Only Brandon Bunyan would find a unique person to take a pic with! What’s in his pocket?


The Hilton Arts Festival, a platform for the best of South African theatre in KwaZulu Natal, was established by Sue Clarence 25 years ago! Over this time, ardent supporters of the arts such as Brandon Bunyan from Black Coffee and the creative Michael Taylor-Broderick, have stood alongside Sue by lending a helping hand with technical advice, support and sponsorship. This year’s festival, with a long list of featured shows and activities from drama and comedy to music, art, crafts and food, will take place from 15 to 17 September on the Hilton College grounds, situated in the picturesque Midlands of KZN.

Lighting designer Michael Taylor-Broderick, now with DWR Distribution, has been involved with the festival for the past twenty-two years. “I am Technical Director of the Festival, which is essentially a fancy title for being clever enough to know who all the best theatre technicians are and then persuading them to work at the Festival!” he smiles.

Michael Broderick and a LD in training


Michael and long-term friend, Brandon Bunyan, have always loved the medium of theatre. “I am always inspired and amazed by the exceptional quality of the work that my fellow South African theatre practitioners produce,” commented Michael. “I get the honour to work and engage with these incredible people every year, what’s not to like?”

This year, every venue at the Hilton Festival will have a dot 2 Console with the team from DWR providing technical back up. “We will also be on hand to take care of any other technical issues that may crop up with any of the equipment provided by the Festival’s Technical supplier,” he ended.

Looking forward to seeing you there!