DWR designs & manufactures an Akili motor controller

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At DWR Distribution, we are in a fortunate position to have extremely talented people working for us & one of our own “little geniuses” has been hard at work designing a unique type of motor controller.

Derek Kruger who runs our workshop repair centre is one of our “little geniuses”.  Derek on occasion needs to let his husky out in the early hours of the morning, on one such morning the idea came to mind that he would like to design a new and more functional type of motor controller.

Derek’s vision was to build an 8-way compact light weight motor controller with added features and more importantly a model that is fool proof and so began the design of the Akili motor controller.

On most weekends you will find Derek driving to the huskiromi wolf sanctuary in Reitz.  Derek has such a love for these beautiful animals, if he could dedicate his life to only take care of the wolves, this is what he would choose to do.  The motor controller was named Akili, in memory of a wolf that Derek sponsored at the wolf sanctuary.  Sadly the wolf died at approximately the same time as the motor controller reached completion.

Many technical discussions took place between Derek Kruger, Mike Bernard & Rob Young on what features the motor controller should have.   There were many round table discussions and interaction as the design features were finalised.   Derek had in his mind a clear vision of how the motor controller should look & feel, the Akili motor controller was now ready to enter the design stage.  Derek was so excited that he had managed to address all of his concerns which he had about the current design of the motor controller and that he successfully managed to find a workable solution to his version of a motor controller.  Derek could barely contain himself to commence with the assembly of his version of the Akili motor controller and so began the long hours of working after office hours in his workshop at home.  It took him 4-months from design, to assembly and testing of the Akili motor controller.  Derek adds that seeing his design of the Akili motor controller come to fruition far exceeded his expectations and he is so excited to be finally able to put this little workhorse into action.  To date 5 motor controllers have been manufactured.  The features on the motor controller comprise of:

International Standards – Sil 2 safety standard;

Push button motor selection;

Master slave capability;

Remote control facility;

Global phase reverse;

Phase indication on front panel

Ease of use;

Small, light weight construction;

Reliable no-nonsense socapex connectors;

Design based on discreet components;

All components are reliable, double rated for required specifications;

No micro processors, thus no chances of freezing up;

Easy to understand controls and use; and

Linkable by single switch operation on one controller.

For testing purposes, the Akili has been exposed to the industry. You will find them at work at Rivers Church in Rivonia and MGG Productions with one on display in the DWR demo room in Johannesburg.

For more information please contact our sales department on 011 794 5023 or e-mail – marlene@dwrdistribution.co.za