Green Hippo’s Suzy Stenning Will Present at Mediatech 2019

Suzy Stenning, a senior trainer and part of product team for Green Hippo, will be presenting two talks at Mediatech Africa 2019. Her presentation, “Media Servers for Live Production” will discuss  Real-time output configuration and playback, basic set up, hardware benefits and options and popular software features and use cases. Her second presentation will be […]

MA’s Daniel Kannenberg Will Present at Mediatech 2019

Daniel Kannenberg, from the MA Technical Support team, will be presenting two different talks at Mediatech Africa 2019. “The Future is Now” will cover the future of integration of the grandMA 3 console and examine the role of General Device Type Format and developments in the My Virtual Rig format. The other topic he will […]

Olebogeng Boinamo Presents “dot2: Taking Your Venue to the Next Level

Ole, lighting technician at DWR Distribution, will be presenting a talk on the dot2 examining  the new compact series generation of lighting control solutions – specially designed for small to medium projects and shows, and how the dot2 has improved many venues around Africa, based on its core philosophy of Intuitive operation and with all […]

Jannie de Jager Presents “Working With Colour” at Mediatech 2019  

Jannie de Jager, lighting technician at DWR Distribution, presents “Working with Colour” at Mediatech 2019, the talk will answer some basic questions about using of colour in our day to day business and explaining some of the terminology used to describe these principles. Topics covered include Additive vs Subtractive, Hue and Saturation, Psychology of colour, […]

João Viegas Presents ‘LED Technology is Architectural Environments’ at Mediatech 2019

João Viegas, a Senior Lighting Designer at Paul Pamboukian Lightdesign, will be giving a presentation at Mediatech Africa 2019 on ‘LED Technology in Architectural Environments’. The presentation will answer ‘How LED technology has changed Architectural Lighting and created “Architainment” Lighting’. Join João for his presentation at the following sessions: Presentation Zone 3 on the 17th […]

Paul Hadfield Presenting a Stage Dex Talk at Mediatech 2019

Paul Hadfield, the Prolyte Group Distributor Manager, will be giving a presentation at Mediatech 2019 on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of Stage Dex’. The talk will examine the risk factors regularly encountered when supporting LED screen systems either via suspension or ground support and how you, the user, can overcome these risks and concerns by […]

Kyle Robson Will Present a DiGiCo, Waves and Klang Talk At Mediatech 2019

Kyle Robson, an audio technical representative at DWR Distribution, will be giving a presentation on DiGiCo, Waves and Klang at Mediatech Africa 2019. The talk will cover a DiGiCo Product Overview, Console Connections and Network, various applications, Klang Product Overview, Connections, Live applications Waves: Soundgrid Network, live applications, servers and full integration of all three […]

In Ear Monitoring Presented by Jaco Beukes @ Mediatech 2019

Jaco Beukes, an audio sales representative from DWR Distribution, will be presenting a talk about ‘In-Ear-Monitoring’, at Mediatech Africa 2019. One of the fastest growing topics in live music. This is going to be a very informative seminar on the do’s and don’ts of In-Ear Monitor mixing.   The Presentation will take place in the […]

Schalk Botha Will Give a LED Presentation @ Mediatech 2019

Schalk Botha, the current Absen product manager at DWR distribution, will be giving a presentation at Meditech Africa 2019 on ‘LED Screen Applications and Various Options. The Presentation will cover past and current trends in the LED screen technology market, where technology is heading, Senders: the do’s and don’ts, Indoor vs outdoor screens, DIP vs […]

Mikel-Jes Kicks Off MTC Premiership Awards

The MTC Namibia Premier League is the official football association of Namibia and their MTC Premiership Awards that took place on the 16th of June is an end-of-season awards ceremony that celebrates the football season and its top players. The much-hyped event had Mikel-Jes, a stage lighting, audio and audio-visual rental company based in Windhoek […]