Astera at PLASA 2019

Innovative German LED manufacturer Astera – integrated into the Ambersphere booth – showed its complete rangeof way-cool battery-powered wirelessly-operated LED products at PLASA 2019 in London, including the entire Titan family!

This comprised the award-winning and hugely popular standard 1-meter long Titan Tube; the very cute little 55cm Helios Titan Tube; and the brand-new double-size 2-metre Hyperion Titan Tube.

It was the first time the Hyperion Tube was shown in the UK.

Additionally, Astera demonstrated an enormous – and ever-growing – range of ingenious accessories for use with Titan and their various other LED lighting products.

In fact, approximately 30 accessories were mounted on a special ‘feature’ wall, displayed so visitors could clearly and easily see everything available to make their Astera fixtures even more flexible and adaptable. Several of these accessories were also displayed in the UK for the first time.

Other highlights includedSoftbags for the convenient portability of Helios and Titan tubes and DataLink, a device to add DMX or Art-Net Data to between 1 and 4 Helios, Titan or Hyperion Tubes.


Astera’s flagship TitanTube is designed to be an invaluable lighting toolfor TV, film / video / broadcast cinema and photography as well as shows and live events.

Titan 8 -way Case


TitanTube is optimized for an ultra-high TLCI, a very high CRI and peak brightness, with beautiful colours as well as hue, saturation and intensity that can be set directly on the tube or utilising Astera’s proprietary Smartphone app.

The TitanTube can also be run wired (from mains power) and controlled via DMX using special power / data combination cables, which further dramatically increase its flexibility as a tool for lighting and visual designers.

A new 4-unit Soft Bagfor TitanTubes is a super-light option for increased portability on set or location.

NEW: Hyperion Tube – It’s a Titan – just Bigger!

After the enormous success of the Titan Tube, Astera has created the double-length 2-metre-long Hyperion Tube with double the amount of LEDs, double the batteries, double the brightness, double the pixels and the same high-quality light output when controlled via the Astera App, CRMX and on-tube control plus the wired DMX option.

Hyperion Titan Tube


Astera Systemoffers smart control of Tubes. The infrared remote, wireless DMX and Astera App all work together to enable big setups, ensuring that the entire installation can be monitored and adjusted quickly and conveniently.

Hyperion Tube control enables complex programs to be created from colours, effects, and settings, and the Hyperion Tube will remember and repeat these effects without requiring a constant wireless link.

Users can swiftly create groups of lights, assign positions and select which Tube should receive commands.

Smart monitoring offers a complete overview of the status and all Titan Tube settings while they are being operated, including battery status, radio signal, DMX address and which lights are targeted.

 Helios Tube

Astera’s fabulous new Helios tube was launched earlier this year and has all the features and functionality of the popular TitanTube in a smaller, lighter and more transportable package – a neat and powerful little tube which can be mounted in places where a TitanTube might be too long or impractical to rig.

Helios Case


The super-convenient Helios has 8 pixels and has half the brightness of the TitanTube, but with the same high CRI … making it perfect for areas like pop up dressing rooms, makeup stations at fashion shows as well as for lighting rooms, sets and other spaces!

The colours, brightness, battery life and other elements are perfectly matched to those of the TitanTube so combining the two fixtures gives seamless lighting coverage.

Eight tubes fit into Astera’sneatHelios Case whichcan be used for charging and transportation. It holds the same useful and practical sets of accessories as the Titan Tube case (16 eyebolts, 16 holders, 8 x floor stands, 16 x bolts, all included with the case) together with eight Wing Plates.

There is also a compartment for ART7 or other accessories and the case comes with the same PowerBox charging as TitanTube.

The Helios Handlecan be screwed into the Helios Tube so the light can be held and aimed at people or objects when filming, and it also has a ‘babyplug’ attached for mounting to various objects.

Helios Handle


To further enhance the portability, a handy new Soft Bagthat takes four Helios Tubes is available.