ArKaos at Prolight+Sound 2018

Media solutions and control specialist ArKaos highlights its newly launched MediaMaster 5.2 software, the latest edition of its signature powerful and flexible real-time video control platform, on stand C67 in Hall 3.0 at Prolight+Sound 2018.

ArKaos will use the opportunity, buzz and high profile of the exhibition to preview a brand new ‘architainment’ orientated control product called An-Ki.

An-Ki is an innovative solution to schedule and monitor MediaMaster. From now on, video-mapped or LED installations can be maintained from anywhere in the world thanks to the ArKaos cloud.

The official ArKaos press event will be at 16.00 on Tuesday 10 April in the Manufacturer’s Forum near Hall 3.0.

MediaMaster 5.2

ArKaos stays at the cutting edge of entertainment video and media solutions with the release of MediaMaster 5.2 two weeks ago, the latest software version for its hugely popular real-time video control software platform.

The key new features that 5.2 brings to MediaMaster users are:


  • DMX Merge: To combine parameters like Pan and Tilt from a lighting console with video sources from MediaMaster.
  • Pixel Blending: Utilising the Blend function, the colour output of a lighting console can be blended – via DMX from the lighting console – with the video output of MediaMaster.
  • Kling-Net Draft Devices: Allow a show to be prepared remotely – disconnected from the physical devices.
  • Extended Fixture Creation: Supports complete DMX Devices like moving heads with Pan / Tilt.
  • 64 Bit Support: for all applications – enabling quicker and more responsive operation.


ArKaos presents a special preview of its brand-new An-Ki remote control and digital content management solution which is already embedded in the latest versions of the MediaMaster software.

In An-Ki, ArKaos has created an all-new format of communication.

As with all ArKaos products, the philosophy is to empower users by creating simple, stable, fuss free and immensely potent new tools … available at their fingertips.

Working over the internet, An-Ki enables digital content appearing as projections or on any LED mappable surfaces / devices to be updated, synched or tweaked in  just a couple of clicks.

An-Ki is a true multi-purpose tool and ideal for many environments, including hotels, meeting rooms, retail parks / shopping malls, building facades and other public spaces.

It underlines the simplicity and power that is fundamental to all ArKaos products.

MediaMaster is already a popular choice for running video sources in real-time at shows, live events and driving video displays, projections and pixel mapped products.

The An-Ki enabled layer of MediaMaster now gives content managers remote access to devices and displays from anywhere in the world – quickly, efficiently and reliably.

ArKaos has developed this invaluable tool as a straightforward, cost-effective alternative to far more expensive ‘architainment’ and installation / digital signage control systems.

Simplicity defines the design.

Utilizing user-friendly drag-and-drop methodology, An-Ki enables the huge potential and convenience of being able to access and tweak a show from wherever you happen to be! This can be creating new scheduling and looks, or just updating existing information.

An-Ki also allows different surfaces or displays to be synchronized so they show the same material at the same time … perfect for events like simultaneous worldwide product launches and multi-location conferences straddling different time zones.

The An-Ki player will synchronize video sources running on two or more MediaMaster computers or media servers anywhere in the world. To achieve video frame synchronization, An-Ki is based on the internet’s Network Time Protocol (NTP). The magic of this … is that it only needs a minimal amount of traffic; so even connecting via a wireless mobile hub … will do the trick.

An-Ki is an ultimately useful tool for all lighting and visual designers, content co-ordinators and venue or building facilities managers, and those already familiar with MediaMaster will intuitively know how to use it and learn very fast.

An-Ki is completely switchable, making MediaMaster a true multi-faceted show control product that can swap seamlessly between show and installation scenarios.

For total adaptability, An-Ki can also be used with other media management platforms with a Syphon or Spout input.