Upload your Photos and Videos!! Calling on All!

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Calling on ALL

#LightSAred would like to encourage the Live Events Industry to submit videos and photos which can be used in our campaign. Some of the content you send to us will be included for a live stream on 5th August, while we hope to share others on our Facebook and social media pages. Let your voice be heard as we approach our government to assist our business,  live events industry.

We have created a One Drive Folder (see end) link and require the following:

‘Passport’ Photos

Please submit a high-resolution Passport style image of yourself which will be used for our livestream studio. The photo should be portrait format. Please get your entire team to participate – no group photos here, only individual photos. Add to the OneDrive Folder above under Passport.

Videos and Photos:

  1. Create a video – no longer than 30 seconds. Your message should include your name, company and how lockdown has affected your livelihood/business. All videos to be submitted in landscape format.
  2. Add your video to our OneDrive Folder. Either select Celebrity In or Industry In depending whether you are an artist/celeb or part of the Live Events Industry.
  3. Kindly label your video to include the name of your company followed by your name e.g. ABC Rental Joe Soap.
  4. Our video team will edit or dress your footage, add a frame etc. The edited video will then be transferred to Celebrity Out or Industry Out – ready for use!
  5. If you have photos to share (here you are welcome to include group photos), please add them to Photos and remember to include a description.

LIVE Sites

  1. On 5th August, from rigging and set up right up until 8pm, videos and photos can be added to OneDrive Folder, under LIVE Sites. Please add the name of your location and your company eg Table Mountain – XYZ Productions. Videos should not be longer than one minute.

LIVE Sites Silent Footage – especially for Drone footage.

Kindly note that by sending your clip, we understand that you have given us permission to broadcast, stream or make use of the material for the #LightSAred campaign.

OneDrive Folder Link:


Thank you for your support. For more information, please e-mail [email protected].