Unfazed Productions whips up magic for intimate events

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The enthusiasm burns brightly within Jean-Pierre Willson from Unfazed Productions, affectionately known as JP by his friends.   Even after two decades in the industry, he remains excited about creating memorable events, consistently going above and beyond.

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Founded by JP in Cape Town back in 1996, Unfazed Productions experienced unexpected growth during the Covid-19 pandemic. This propelled the company into a specialty market focusing on small, intimate private events. The business experienced a boom in the wedding market, by surpassing clients’ expectations, offering them experiences beyond their wildest imaginations for truly unforgettable events.

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In December last year, to keep ahead of his game and to meet the evolving demands of his clients, JP bought cutting-edge equipment from DWR Distribution. His new kit includes Absen NT 2.9mm panels, an MVS Multi Venue System Hazer, 16 Jolt Bars FX, 4 Jolt Panels FX, 16 Longman Parco R350-4D LED Par Lights, 16 Longman Facepar 900-LED Par (IP Rated), 6 Chainmaster rigging lift D8 320kg motors and a DWR 8-way motor controller. This specialized equipment provides elevated versatility, superior lighting effects, and seamless control, offering clients an unparalleled level of performance.

Bruce Riley with the Unfazed Productions team

Bruce Riley with the Unfazed Productions team.


“Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the wedding events industry has picked up tremendously, and I’m very fortunate to have incredible clients not only in the wedding industry but also in the celebration and corporate event space.  These industries, in turn, also have amazing clients that want to have truly exceptional events,” JP explains.   “Part of that growth is staging large dance floor parties either as part of the main reception or as a surprise dance floor with all the toys. Last year, I hired Absen 2.9mm screens from other Cape Town suppliers.   My clients loved the solution, and as we have several more dance floor events that will require screens, I thought it was time to invest in my own, and Absen was my first choice.”

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This marks Unfazed Production’s first investment into LED screens, and it helped that there was stock available in the country.   “The sharing of knowledge from Robert Izzett, Dylan Jones and the DWR Distribution team made the decision an easy one. I also like the edge projection feature on these panels.”   The panels arrived in Cape Town, and a day later they were at their first event!

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If you know JP, you’ll recognize that spring in his step and that smile on his face.   “I love what I do, and I enjoy the creative side of our industry, particularly when you have earned the trust of your clients to go crazy on events,” he says. “If you don’t have passion, you should not be in this line of business.   We’ve found our niche and specialize in the wedding market on all things relating to structure, power, lighting and now LED screens.”

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Unfazed genuinely enhances the overall experience.   The company also supplies lighting décor items from chandeliers, naked bulbs, pendant and shade fittings to battery LED Table lamps and pin spots.   They also specialize in architectural and garden lighting, as well as all show lighting, structures, and effects for parties. “The LED screen was a natural expansion on what we can offer our clients,” JP adds. “It’s basically a light – just lots of really small ones!!

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We pride ourselves on taking our clients’ guests on a journey throughout the evening by orchestrating the perfect mood with expert lighting control, enhancing the venue with colour, and then having fun on the dance floor!   If I can’t control it, then it’s not on my radar!   I’m a bit of a control freak!”

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JP is the first to acknowledge that none of his success would be possible without his crew. “Most of my team have been with me since the beginning and have been incredibly loyal, especially Divon van der Heyde. Even during the lockdown and the rest of the challenging COVID period, we ensured all staff remained employed. Our growth over the last couple of years, since Covid, is thanks to our wonderful clients and the unwavering support of my team.”

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He concludes by expressing his gratitude to DWR Distribution. “Special appreciation goes to Bruce and Marlene Riley for coming out to our first LED screen event in Cape Town, and for showing us how to set up and operate our new Absen screens, especially during their personal holiday time.  We truly value your support.   Bring on 2024!”