A twist on fast performance; Prolyte Group launches the Verto truss

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A twist on fast performance; Prolyte Group launches the Verto truss

Prolyte Group will launch a new revolutionary truss system at the Prolight and Sound show. The Verto* truss brings a totally new perspective on truss assembly and is described as a game changer in our industry. The official launch is announced for April 5th, 11:00 hours at the Prolyte Group stand Hall 3.0, E14.

The Verto truss is based on a new principle of truss connection, where the sections are joined by a rotating coupler system. This system has great advantages over existing systems.The name Verto is derived from Latin, meaning ‘to turn’ or ‘to turn around’ and that’s exactly how this coupler type works. A simple flick of your wrist will manage connecting the truss.

“When we started to design the Verto system, our idea was to offer added value over existing solutions. Looking at daily working practice for technicians, the goal was to make assembling truss not only easier, but also safer. Furthermore, playing into the trend of ever shortening production times, reducing the assembly and disassembly time was important – that’s where you can make the difference” states Johann Stuut, R&D engineer at Prolyte and the mastermind behind this new system.

Tested general assembly times are up to 3 times faster than those for truss with conical coupling systems and 7 times faster than any bolted truss.

The Verto truss can be assembled by a simple rotating locking system, securing your truss in seconds, without the need for tools. Due to this, assembly is almost completely silent, thereby greatly adding to safety on the work floor. Tested general sound levels are around 55dB, where a conical truss system generates a sound level of 80dB during assembly.

Road ready
“User input is very valuable to us and instrumental in the process to get the design road ready. You need to have an eye for practical details and the demanding requirements that are just normal within the entertainment industry. That’s why we set out to organise feedback sessions with industry specialists and a selected group of customers and users in the design and development phase of the Verto truss” continues Eric Laanstra, product manager ProlyteStructures.

Strong and robust
The Verto truss is based on an H30V truss and has a similar loading capacity. This makes the truss compact and strong, while the thicker wall dimensions make it robust; fit for a touring environment. A unique aspect is the fact that you can replace the coupling parts – may they become damaged, thus prolonging the general lifetime of your truss.

Inventing Verto
Inventions like the Verto system don’t come of the shelf. The R&D of the Verto system was a long process; encompassing the design of a new coupler system, but also the design and adaptation of the manufacturing process, user feedback, system testing, static calculations and patenting. In all those facets Verto is now ready for launch.

And more…
The Verto truss has even more benefits, check out on (link) or come and visit Prolyte on the Prolight + Sound exhibition Hall 3.0 stand E14 and test the Verto truss live!

*Patent pending – see for more information www.prolyte.com/patents