tvONE® announces Bosch integration partnership for conferencing solutions

tvONE Bosch Partnership

tvONE’s 4K CORIOmatrix router matches with Bosch’s conference solutions to facilitate streaming of the active speaker video to a hall display or system that records or webcasts the HD-SDI feed. Images © tvONE


Cincinnati, OH, USA – Leading AV signal distribution developer tvONE has announced a new partnership with global technology manufacturer Bosch. The collaboration focuses on the combination of the tvONE CORIOmatrix modular video switching router and Bosch’s range of state-of-the-art conferencing systems.


tvONE says using its 4K CORIOmatrix router – which enables the mixing of AV, broadcast, IP and legacy sources seamlessly and at very low latency – with Bosch’s conference solutions facilitates streaming of the active speaker video to a hall display or system that records or webcasts the HD-SDI feed.


The Bosch Conference systems connect to the tvONE video switcher via TCP/IP and controls the switcher by using the protocol of tvONE to switch the video stream of the person speaking automatically to displays or video walls.


tvONE foresees a host of conference applications that will benefit from using the systems in tandem, including events in parliaments, commercial buildings, banking, convention centers, hotels and many others.


The CORIOmatrix (4RU) and CORIOmatrix mini (1RU) can accept a huge number of I/O configurations allowing complex functionality to be quickly and simply configured to meet end user requirements. The system is renowned for its robustness and flexibility, along with its ‘whisper quiet’ operation.


It’s ideal for applications where SDI is used in conjunction with 4K HDMI, DVI, and H.264/H.265 IP feeds.


tvONE says that its CORIOmatrix supports a variety of Bosch’s innovative, reliable and high-quality conference solutions – the IP-based DICENTIS Conference System, the WiFi-based DICENTIS Wireless Conference System and the compact, simple to set-up and use CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System.


About tvONE

tvONE is a world class developer and manufacturer of video conversion and AV signal distribution technology, with offices in the US, and R&D and manufacturing facilities in the UK. tvONE provides a complete line-up of products and services for the professional AV, broadcast video, and digital signage markets. Following the global merger of tvONE and Magenta Research in July 2013, the company tvONE now encompasses these two superior brands under one umbrella.

The tvONE brand specializes in video, audio, and multimedia processing equipment, based on its proprietary CORIO® video conversion technology. Products include all-in-one system solutions, windowing processors, scan converters, seamless switchers, video scalers, up/down/cross converters, analogue-digital converters, including SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, and DVI, format converters, and standard converters.

Magenta Research is the industry-recognised brand for the transmission, switching, and flexible distribution of multi-format video, audio, and auxiliary signals over fiber and Cat-X cabling. Products include AV extenders, distribution amplifiers and matrix switchers for DVI, HDMI, VGA, and component, composite, s-video, audio, USB, and RS-232 signals.

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About Bosch

With more than 65 years of experience, Bosch is a well-established partner and innovative leader in quality conferencing solutions. An outstanding product portfolio with award-winning designs deliver a perfect fit for any meeting environment ranging from small local events to giant international summits. The modern solutions from Bosch offer more, in terms of capabilities, security and return on investment, to meet the needs of customers and professionals around the world.

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