The New Standard in Virtual Intercom Solutions

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The future of intercom is here! We’re excited to announce the launch of Gen-IC™, Clear-Com’s revolutionary cloud-based intercom solution.

Gen-IC delivers crystal-clear, real-time communication for your team, anywhere. It’s a scalable, cloud-hosted service with up to 24 channels, perfect for small and large teams alike. Simply connect via the internet, or integrate with your existing intercom system for a hybrid setup.

Gen-IC subscriptions are now available for purchase. Learn more about this exciting addition to our product lineup and explore plans to find the perfect fit to transform your intercom solutions!


Gen-IC is a Cloud Managed Virtual Intercom service enabling real-time partyline workflows without the need for intercom hardware. 
Simple to deploy, configure and manage, Gen-IC is scalable for both small and large teams while also providing a wide range of connectivity to existing on-site intercom systems.

Gen-IC is securely available worldwide over the public internet and cellular networks and backed by Clear-Com’s pioneering experience and customer support.

Gen-IC: Virtual Intercom

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