The headphones have landed!


Audix is proud to introduce the new line of dynamic, closed back headphones – designed for audio professionals and audiophiles to deliver the most accurate sound possible.

With four models to pick from, there is a pair of headphones for every pair of ears. All four models feature acoustically-optimized, cushioned ear cups providing long-term listening comfort and noise isolation. All Audix headphones come with detachable 1.8 m oxygen free copper (OFC) cables with gold-plated connectors & 1/4 ” adapter. Keep your headphones safe with the protective carrying case, included with every model.

Here’s what some of the early reviews are saying:

“The imaging is exceptional. Well-mixed material sounds three-dimensional, with excellent separation between instruments. These headphones are accurate enough to mix confidently through and are very well suited for tracking, thanks to their great isolation. In addition to studio uses, I find them very pleasing for everyday listening.”– Recording Magazine

“The effect of listening on the A150s is more like listening to a pair of linear response studio monitors…I need an accurate monitor that reflects reality when I’m listening to reference material, soloing an input, doing a “silent mix” (without filling the entire venue with sound while doing it) from virtual sound check tracks or knocking off some quick post-show mixes. And it’s here that the A150s really deliver sonic truth that’s uncolored. I like that.” – Front of House Magazine

Find them at DWR Distribution. Contact our team and Jaco or Marlene will be glad to help you!