South African Live Events Industry, this is your time to shine!

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The South African Live Events Industry is encouraged to step out, mobilise their teams and motivate their clients to create events. You are permitted up to 500 people for outdoor gatherings and 250 for indoor gatherings in terms of the Covid-19 gatherings act, and hard work and clever thinking will put bread and butter on the table. Push!


“We know that SACIA, #LightSAred and #Flightcasemovement were hoping that Level 1 would allow us to cater for a larger audience,” said Sharif Baker, Chairperson of the TPSA and spokesperson for #LightSAred. “That said, we have been given the green light to slowly open events, so let’s jump at this opportunity, show our government how we can run shows with safety protocols in place, and we’ll very soon be able to move to the next level.”


This is the time to reach out to existing clients, join hands with tourism, venues and promote events and conferences. “Think out of box, and let us be the tools to enable South African to celebrate occasions, having peace of mind, once again,” he adds.


The Live Events Industry is encouraged to make contact with venues, event planners and tourisms to put shows back on the stage. While many corporates may be on a tighter budget, use this opportunity to sell a smaller event and possibly combine it with a Hybrid lievestream solution.


There are many avenues to explore – just use your imagination:

  1. Intimate and exclusive fashion shows.
  2. Gala events and awards that have 250 guests and a live stream solution.
  3. Gala events and awards that have satellite venues, each with up to 250 guests.
  4. A small stage on a field where up to 500 guests are entertained.
  5. Exhibitions on rotations.
  6. Encourage the audience to attend studio productions such as music or game shows.
  7. Encourage the end client to host year-end events – it’s good for staff morale.
  8. Send out a newsletter to your clients promoting your service and what you can do for them.
  9. When you undercut prices, nobody wins except the client. Let’s keep it professional.


Please remember that in many countries across the world, there are little or no events taking place. “This may be our chance to show how events can be done safely and how important it is for events to bring people together, Sharif ended.