Robe at Prolight + Sound 2023

Robe will be showcasing six fabulous new products – iFORTE® FS, iESPRITE®, iPAINTE®, iTetra2TM, iBeam350TM and FOOTSIE – as well as highlighting several other innovations including RoboSpot with full networking capabilities … at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt 2023 on stand D10 in Hall 12.1.

Robe’s outstanding iSeries range of products will take centre stage, taking the concept of IP-rated lighting fixtures to a whole new level, and a spectacular live performance show and lighting extravaganza will again be integral to the stand and run five times a day.

The third in Robe’s highly topical “All Environments” trilogy, this is designed to illustrate the waterproofness and durability of iSeries products with an eye-catching, entertaining, and relevant narrative that will be sure to captivate guests!

Robe’s “On the Road” show truck / mobile showroom will be parked up on a paved area in front of Hall 12 for people to check out ahead of its summer 2023 festival and event tour. People can see and experience one of the numerous creative ways in which Robe engages with core live music and event communities around the world.

Robe celebrates the meteoric “bang” with which the industry has returned after the pandemic and expects to see a diverse mix of visitors from all over Europe and farther afield, ensuring that Prolight remains a favourite gathering place for networking, exchanging ideas and doing business.

Products Previewed and Highlighted at the booth.


Robe Prolight 2023 iFORTE FS IMG 8356 1



Robe’s – currently – most powerful iSeries fixture, the IP65-rated iFORTE® FS combines long throw output and effects-rich features – in a fully weatherised package for all outdoor and challenging environments!

Just 1.5 kg heavier than the indoor FORTE®, iFORTE® FS offers identical performance and appearance to the original luminaire, together will all the advantages of innovations like Robe’s ingress protection system and onboard RAINS™ (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) to manage humidity, temperature, and pressure control.

The iFORTE® FS’s TE-iSE™ 1.000W  HP (High Performance) white LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE generates the same impressive 50.000 lumen fixture output with an identical 11:1 zoom optical system and 5.5° to 55° zoom range for max flexibility.

Robe’s patented MAPS™ (Motionless Absolute Positioning System) allows the fixture to fully calibrate while remaining static – no distracting pre-use pan and tilt calibration movement needed, which is super useful when fixtures are rigged in confined spaces!


Robe Prolight 2023 iESPRITE 1



The IP65-rated version of one Robe’s most popular products, the iESPRITE®, delivers consistent, hassle-free performance without needing complex maintenance whatever the weather or atmospheric conditions!

This and all other Robe iSeries fixtures dramatically reduce the stress and complications associated with outdoor lighting!

The IP65-rated iESPRITE® combines Robe’s latest protection technology with the very in-demand ESPRITE®product maintaining identical aesthetics, output and features enabling seamless integration between the two different models if desired!

The ingenious ingress protection system is specifically designed to facilitate standard maintenance and preparation procedures – e.g., TRANSFERABLE ENGINE exchange and gobo replacement – on site and without any additional tools.

To maintain a consistently high lumen output, water, dirt, dust, haze, and smoke are repelled from the front lens with Robe’s unique ParCoat™ hydrophobic, oleophobic-resistant coating which allows easy cleaning / removal without scratching or damage.


Robe Prolight 2023 iPAINTE IMG 1736 copy 1



iPAINTE® is a high quality IP65-rated short / medium throw profile luminaire that retains all the qualities and features of the highly successful indoor version – PAINTE®.

Robe’s ground-breaking, self-managing, low-maintenance ingress protection technology means this fixture is great for exterior use by removing the threat of rain, dust, humidity, smoke or haze damage, even in the harshest conditions.

With an identical footprint and DMX map, both iPAINTE® and PAINTE® can be seamlessly integrated within the same lighting rig if desired! Even when rigged next to one another, they look the same which is great for continuity and practicality.

The ingress protection system allows standard on-site maintenance without needing additional tools while the pioneering onboard and patented RAINS™ (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) manages humidity, temperature, and pressure control.

RAINS™ is an active monitoring system that automatically removes any moisture detected within the fixture, providing constant monitoring to ensure peak performance.


Robe Prolight 2023 iTetra2 1



The impressive IP65-rated iTetra2™ moving linear LED bar joins the Robe iSeries, retaining all the coolness and functionality of the indoor version with the added benefit of Robe’s self-managing, low-maintenance ingress protection technology which very efficiently stops rain, dust, humidity, smoke or haze damage.

With an identical DMX map, features and performance to Tetra2™, the outdoor iTetra2™ also has the onboard patented RAINS™ (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) which manages humidity, temperature and pressure control. As an active monitoring system, RAINS™ automatically removes any moisture detected within the fixture.

iTetra2™ automatically runs a self-test whenever it senses a cover is removed and replaced which provides an error message if gaskets or covers are not replaced correctly or locking screws are not tightened, ensuring maximum protection.

The lightweight aluminium alloy structure provides a dust-free environment for the optics, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and routine maintenance, also reducing UV damage to the plastic parts.

iBeam 350™ 

Robe Prolight 2023 iBeam 350 IMG 1461 1

iBeam 350™


Robe’s massively successful LEDBeam 350™ is now weatherproof in the iBeam 350™ which will be a big hit with everyone working on outdoor lighting projects.

The iBeam 350™ has all the qualities and features that have made LEDBeam 350 such a great choice including the self-regulating, low-maintenance ingress protection technology.

As with other iSeries fixtures like the iPAINTE®, iBeam 350™ has an identical footprint, DMX map and resemblance to the LEDBeam 350™, making for smooth integration of both types of fixtures on the same lighting rig!

Robe’s ingenious RAINS™ (Robe Automatic Ingress Neutralization System) manages humidity, temperature and pressure control, while the fixture’s lightweight aluminium alloy structure provides a dust-free environment for the optics so there is no need for frequent cleaning and the chance of UV damage to plastic parts is reduced.


Robe Prolight 2023 FOOTSIE IMG 1587 1



For something completely different ….

Robe’s revolutionary IP65-rated FOOTSIE fixture redefines the concept of traditional ‘footlights’ and effectively removes the visual barrier between audience and performers.

The IP65-rated FOOTSIE delivers dynamic LED foot lighting, whatever the production, environment or weather!

This highly innovative new product is currently available in two standard lengths, FOOTSIE1™ (600mm) & FOOTSIE2™ (1200mm), with a choice of warm or tuneable white LEDs or RGBW high power single chip LEDs. The classic warm white LEDs offer a CRI greater than 90 – fantastic for key lighting of faces, and the tuneable white ranges from 2.700K – 6.500K.

The RGBW version facilitates all colours, including those infamous up-lit horror looks, so great for all relevant themed theatrical shows and the darker metal genres of music!

The LEDs are evenly spaced to provide the smoothest of washes and continuous runs of illumination across stages, sets, runways, etc.

The FOOTSIE’s cool low laying 52 mm high design allows a full view of the performer keeping the stage and sightlines clear and clean, while an integral self-contained cable tray can be used to neatly run any loose laying audio, power or data cables and their associated trip hazards!

For flexibility in a run of fixtures, FOOTSIE1TM has two individually controlled zones within its 600 mm length, while FOOTSIE2TM, being longer at 1.200 mm, has four zones.

BluMark™ allows a low-level blue LED indication of the stage edges without affecting the lighting states.

An Integrated Shield that covers a direct line-of-sight view between the LED sources from the audience side, protecting them from unintentional glare / flare, can either be folded inside the fixture housing or released and installed in position.

Fixtures can be joined together swiftly and easily with a fast connection system, and corner pieces of various angles are available, making the fixture ideal for outlining sets and stages or creating other bespoke shapes.

The convection-cooled FOOTSIE is perfect for theatres, concert stages, fashion show catwalks and all types of corporate and industrial events.

RoboSpot with Full Networking Capabilities

Robe Prolight 2023 RoboSpot System BaseStation 1

RoboSpot System BaseStation


Robe’s revolutionary RoboSpot follow spot system can now be used on purely IP networks.

Thanks to RDMNet implemented into Robe products, the existing capabilities of remote device management move to the next level with this advanced protocol that standardizes the behaviour and configuration over flat or routed network structures.

Device discovery, settings and operations, especially over long distances, can now be performed directly between the Robe RoboSpot system and Robe fixtures, eliminating need for other equipment like splitters or nodes.

Setting DMX addresses, DMX modes or Personality preferences remotely on Robe fixtures is now unified whether running wired, wireless or via a network.

By integrating RDMNet into its products, Robe is offering customers the most efficient and effective way of remotely managing their devices. With the ability to see changes made by other controllers, RDMNet provides a level of flexibility and control not available until now!

Be on the Lookout…

All of these and other products like the high-powered FORTE® moving light will be in action during the live show, which will be interspersed with lively informative VOG (Voice of God) infotainment presentations plus plenty more on-stand activities running throughout the expo.

Robe’s classy and successful architectural brand, Anolis, will have its own stand space – D23 – right across the aisle from the main Robe booth, where the latest luminaires from the new CalummaTM range will be shown alongside Anolis’ popular AmbianeTM and Eminere®  products.

Artistic Licence, market leading specialist in the design, development, and manufacture of intelligent lighting controls for architectural, entertainment and commercial lighting, will be adjacent to Anolis on Stand D25.