video editing

Old analogue home studio

I have been in film, sound and radio industry for over 20 years. I have experience with:
Sound: location/post production/studio/live/specialise in rigging sound in helicopters (Bell Jet Ranger and Long Ranger (Bendix and Textron systems) /Allouette/Huey)/reality shows/live to air music mixing/lecturing on sound, multimedia etc

Film and TV: Location sound/boom swinger/ENG crew/presenter (Rock It Real TV on YouTube)/sound editing and sound design design/video production and editing (Rock It Real TV)/commercials, doccies and features/soundtracks/VT in helicopters/maintenance of gear etc

Studio: Sound and recording studio builds/producer/recording, mix-down and mastering engineering (analogue – 16-track tape and digital)/sound design etc

Radio: Presenter, producer and studio builds/jingle and ad creation/voice-over

Live: Mixed FOH for numerous bands (local and international)/live multi-track recording/stage management/MC etc

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Gerald Pearl

I help companies and small businesses from all over the world materialize their content from video editing, sound design & videography into great projects. l have been in the industry for 10 years now since l started as front of House Sound engineer and skilled myself into Film industry where l create documentary for different organisation.

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+27 61 072 7496
kevin George at Durban Christian Centre Jesus DOme

I have been involved with the lighting industry since i was 14. I was taught most of the times by Michael Broderick, watching him design lights for our church productions. I even had the chance to run cues that he created.

I had the experience to design Lights for Ntokozo Mbambo and her husband, when they came to the Jesus Dome. I design lights for concerts, conferences, live recordings and TV recordings and productions. I have designed lights for two plays for a well-known actor/producer, Rajesh Gopie. I designed Out of Bounds and By Hook Or By Crook, where both happened at the Izulu theatre at Sibaya in Durban.

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