sound designer

Candid Sparttah

A sound designer for films, radio and adverts
Experience of 5 years in production

Phone Number: 0658207513

I started my sound career as a freelancer whilst I was busy with my Masters degree in Music Technology focussing on film sound theory. Some friends and I started a company called A Blind Spot productions where we continued to produce high quality promotional videos.
While working for A Blind Spot Productions, I was responsible for location sound recording (boom operator and recorder), post production editing and mixing (Voice-over recording, sound design and final mix) for more than 50 productions. I’m currently working as a freelancer where I’m attempting to develop these skills even further.

My skills: boom operator, field recorder, sound designer, dialogue editor, Voice-over recorder, Foley artist, sound mixer and ADR recordist.

Website Address: Portfolio
Phone Number: +27824649884
Skype: noxius.vapus