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Old analogue home studio

I have been in film, sound and radio industry for over 20 years. I have experience with:
Sound: location/post production/studio/live/specialise in rigging sound in helicopters (Bell Jet Ranger and Long Ranger (Bendix and Textron systems) /Allouette/Huey)/reality shows/live to air music mixing/lecturing on sound, multimedia etc

Film and TV: Location sound/boom swinger/ENG crew/presenter (Rock It Real TV on YouTube)/sound editing and sound design design/video production and editing (Rock It Real TV)/commercials, doccies and features/soundtracks/VT in helicopters/maintenance of gear etc

Studio: Sound and recording studio builds/producer/recording, mix-down and mastering engineering (analogue – 16-track tape and digital)/sound design etc

Radio: Presenter, producer and studio builds/jingle and ad creation/voice-over

Live: Mixed FOH for numerous bands (local and international)/live multi-track recording/stage management/MC etc

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Ashleigh Schlosz

Independent location sound recordist based in Cape Town. I work on commercials, documentaries, TV series etc.

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Sound designer cape Town audio post production professional music video game film animation freelancer podcast editing audiobook

Intermediate level, professional Sound designer and audio engineer based in Cape Town , South Africa.

Skills and experience include:

– Providing sound effects for video games, film and animation
– composing music for vocalists and film/video game scores (upbeat, commercial , EDM , orchestral)
– audio post production on dialogue / musical tracks (mixing, mastering, editing, restoration)

And more.

I studied at Cape Audio College in Observatory, Cape Town.

I have worked with multiple clients on a number of long term contracts from all around the world – looking to collaborate and create professional relationships with local clients.

Available throughout the week, let’s get in touch 🙂 WhatsApp or email is perfect.

I can share my portfolio with you privately should you be interested in working with me.


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Gerald Pearl

I help companies and small businesses from all over the world materialize their content from video editing, sound design & videography into great projects. l have been in the industry for 10 years now since l started as front of House Sound engineer and skilled myself into Film industry where l create documentary for different organisation.

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+27 61 072 7496
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20 years experience in audio post production – live events, corporate videos, experiential marketing, product placement, brand building. Protools – voice overs, sound design, sfx, restoration, final mix.


Freelance audio engineer with 10 years’ experience in all aspects of live sound mixing and design, systems troubleshooting and post production audio mixing with analogue and digital systems. Focused under pressure, with trained ears and a dedicated work ethic to always deliver the best audio experience possible. Critical team player seeking large-scale work on a national and international level in Sound Design; FOH/Monitor mixing; Systems Technician.

Tasha HendrixX

Multi Skilled Creative from Johannesburg, South Africa.

I’m a Qualified Audio Engineer, Video Editor, Music Producer and Hip Hop Artist.

I’m extremely passionate about Sound and this is what drives my craft to in turn deliver you a quality product that comes from a root of genuine passion and sincerity towards the process of creating and completing a piece of Music.

My Passion will reflect in the quality of your mixes and you won’t regret working with one of very few females in the industry.

So, check me out and let’s work.

Mail me for samples of my work:

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