set up and Operate on live Event

Patient Tshimanga

I’m a Av & Audio Technician ,i have a good commend of
Yamaha 01V
Yamaha LS9
Yamaha M7
Yamaha PM5D
Digidesign Profile
Identifying Connectors
Stage Signal Patch
Stage Monitor Patch
System Design/Intercom
System Troubleshoot
Cabling Schematics

In Audi Visual Ive a good commend of

Control Equipment
Preview monitors
Distribution amplifiers
Matrix Switchers
Scalers (Image Pro)
Vision Mixer – MX 70
Vision Mixer – Anycast
Vision Mixer – HS 400
Presentation Mixer – Presentation Pro
Presentation Mixer – Kramer VP 727
Presentation Mixer – Presentation Pro II
Presentation Mixer – Screen Pro II

Display Devices
Monitors – Plasma
Monitors – LCD
Projection – Lens Calculations
Projection – Keystone Correction
Projection – Colour correction / matching for multiple
Projection – Soft edge Blending

Phone Number: 0780693078