Raylan Johnson

Live Sound Engineer, technician,Lighting technician and expert with 20-years experience. Worked on major events
throughout South Africa. Currently based in Durban. Willing to travel. FOH and backline technician, worked with AV and video production. Lighting Knowledge. LED screens.

Extensive experience setting up, installing, and maintaining a variety of audio and Lighting equipment. Work with
loudspeakers, amplifiers, soundboards, microphones, and more. Proficient in use of digital and
multimedia recording and sound applications. Knowledgeable in audio signal processing. Worked on
producing sound for live shows as well as studio recordings. Detail-oriented and calm even in chaotic or
stressful situations. Organized, amiable professional who gets along well with colleagues and clients
alike. Passionate about achieving technical excellence with each project. Excited about finding new
techniques and approaches for creating unique sounds that clients want and making each production
the best it can be.

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