Never give up

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As the live events industry, we’ve been knocked down in a really big way. That said, let’s get back up again! DWR Distribution would hereby like to encourage you to never give up.

With your clients and event organizers standing back, many afraid and rightly so, the truth is that we may be in this pandemic for another year. During this time, it’s so important for businesses to stay relevant and they can do this by making use of your services as a live events player.

Think outside the box.  We are the voice the corporate world can use to share their message, and right now, while we may not generate the same income as before, we can deliver a service which in turn will keep our livelihood afloat.

Sell a concept. Think of a financial institution. They could host an online comedy event with South African acts. Performers and artists are in the same boat and also need work.

Funerals are a depressing thought, but your service could help families pay a tribute online to their loved ones in a way that may be very meaningful.

Many large organisations including banks or insurance companies have the bulk of their staff working at home right now. How do you keep staff connected and motivated? Host an online event, let them be part of a game show, perhaps see a live performance with a band, and what about a bit of PR with an event company to really make a unique occasion! Imagine a hamper either delivered to each staff member’s home or creating a meeting point where staff can collect their basket of goodies beforehand. Each hamper will include a ticket to the show, popcorn, chocolates, cold drink and items needed for the game or maybe it’s just something gimmicky (if anything). The staff then watch the performance or are part of a team-building event at home with their little box of snacks etc.

This is a time for businesses to promote their services online. They also have to fight for survival and keep communications with their clients open. They have to reach their target audience and be in their face. Ten months later and we as technical suppliers have created studios at our workplace, or at the very least, have the gear and the best team to create such a service to the corporate world.

Please also remember that many large companies make donations to charities or education. We can get these gestures on film and companies can share their positive messages.

In this time, we need to create a warm and fuzzy feeling, and importantly, corporates have to stay relevant. They have to be ‘out there’ because they need to survive the year and you, as a supplier, will help them do this.


Make contact with your clients, make the phone call and send a follow-up document with ideas you are able to provide. Yes, they weren’t keen before and are still feeling defeated, but if they don’t make a move and make use of your service, then their competitors will be one step ahead. We all have to fight.

Don’t listen to the naysayers – keep going. You have to.