L-Acoustics and JH Audio develop Premium In-Ear Monitor Reproducing Live Music’s Most Iconic Sonic Signature

LAC ContourXO mixingdesk 001

Contour XO provides the ideal tool for engineers using the new binaural features of L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound mixing software


 Built on JH Audio’s leading in-ear technology, Contour XO is the first IEM to offer the L-Acoustics sonic signature, providing the perfect listening experience for professional and personal use


MARCOUSSIS, France – 28th October 2020 – L-Acoustics reinforces its mission of elevating the listening experience for professionals and audiophiles worldwide with its first offering in personal audio, Contour XO in-ear monitor powered by JH Audio.


​Contour XO is born from the meeting of two pro sound icons: Jerry Harvey and Dr. Christian Heil. Both pioneered technologies that forever changed the pro audio industry: multi-driver in-ear monitors and the present-day concert PA based on the L-Acoustics line source array.


Contour XO provides the renowned L Acoustics sonic signature in an IEM co engineered with JH Audio

Contour XO provides the renowned L-Acoustics sonic signature in an IEM co-engineered with JH Audio.


Jerry Harvey, the founder of JH Audio, focused on the in-ear experience. Challenged by mega-stars demanding better sound quality on stage, Harvey developed the first custom dual balanced armature in-ear monitor. Demand caught fire, catapulting him into the position of a world-leading custom in-ear monitor manufacturer.


L-Acoustics, founded by Dr. Christian Heil, revolutionized the live sound industry not once, but twice, bringing the Wavefront Sculpture Technology of V-DOSC line source arrays to the masses in 1992, and then in 2016 deepened the connection between artist and audience with the first object-based mixing technology for live events, L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound.


For the first time, Harvey and Heil have combined their R&D teams’ forces to reproduce the renowned L-Acoustics sonic signature frequency contour in a premium, 10-driver in-ear monitor (IEM) that elevates the standard for in-ear monitoring.


Designed to reproduce the nuances, emotion and impact of live music, L-Acoustics professional sound systems have their own “sonic signature”. Widely viewed as the benchmark for the live music and performing arts industries, the L-Acoustics sonic signature is natural, dynamic, generous, and consistent. Contour XO provides that perfect reference IEM on stage, at the mixing desk, in the studio, or on the move.

Contour XO is a 10 driver balanced armature IEM with 3 way crossover delivering the signature sound of live music in a compact footprin

Contour XO is a 10-driver balanced armature IEM with 3-way crossover delivering the signature sound of live music in a compact footprint.


Furthermore, the development of Contour XO supports the upcoming release of new L-ISA binaural object-based mixing software tools currently in beta testing with a select pool of audio professionals.


“I was impressed by the jeweler-like precision with which JH Audio could tune to match our frequency contour in such a miniaturized enclosure,” comments Christian Heil of the new Contour XO. “The first time I tried the prototype, I put on my favorite playlist, and it took me 20 seconds to love them. There’s a very generous, deep low-end contour, and a high-end extension that I’ve never heard on an IEM before. The sound is natural and powerful! We recently launched sound systems for private use via our new division, L-Acoustics Creations, allowing music lovers to ‘bring the concert home.’ This IEM extends that lifestyle philosophy further still with the concept of L-Acoustics sound wearables to bring the concert with you, anywhere.”


Jerry Harvey was pleased with the new audiophile tech fusion, “I’ve been trying to make my in-ears sound like an L-Acoustics PA for years. It wasn’t until their team challenged us that we got as close as we could. The L-Acoustics R&D team has been great to work with!”


“It was an exhilarating challenge to collaborate with the fast-paced and talented team at JH Audio on the first L-Acoustics IEM. We knew that the outcome of our joint efforts would need to fulfill criteria that are both measurable and pleasurable,” explains Christophe Combet, L-Acoustics Executive Director of Research and Development. “The testing process was iterative and uncompromising, right up through the final review and approval from our expert ears listening committee. Contour XO achieves pocket-size portability for our sonic signature, earning the same golden logo that adorns our PAs around the world.”


The newly designed universal in-ear monitors bring listeners inside the music with ten balanced armature drivers and 3-way crossover in a quad low, dual mid, and quad high configuration. Contour XO offers control of the low end with bass adjustment of up to 15 dB above flat response. Artists, musicians, sound professionals, and audiophiles alike will appreciate the individual care and attention to detail transmitted by the limited edition premium in-ear audio solution, Contour XO.


Guillaume Le Nost, L-Acoustics Executive Director of Creative Technologies, elaborates on how the IEM represents a creative product fit for the company. “Object-based mixing to achieve natural, spatialized audio is the future of sound. The success of L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology has led us to seek ways to further streamline the production process. L-ISA binaural software tools are scheduled to be released in early 2021. We are pleased to offer early access to this L-ISA binaural software package to first adopters of Contour XO.”


Available now via the L-Acoustics eStore, customers can choose from both universal and custom fit options of Contour XO to bring home the iconic L-Acoustics sonic signature in an innovative personal package. The universal fit model is priced at €1,620 including VAT. Custom fit Contour XO are available for an additional €340 plus tax.

LAC ContourXO pack

Contour XO comes in a carrying case with all the cables and accessories required for use including tips in multiple sizes for a perfect fit


About L-Acoustics
Founded in 1984 near Paris, France, L-Acoustics is the market leader in professional sound reinforcement technologies. With over 500 team members worldwide and offices in Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York, and Singapore, L-Acoustics is present in over 80 countries via our network of Certified Providers. Focused on solutions that elevate the audience experience, more than 25% of L-Acoustics’ talent is devoted to advanced R&D in the areas of acoustics, applications, mechanics, electronics, signal processing, and software development.

Recognized for pioneering the line source array, L-Acoustics continues to shape the future of sound with L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology, a multidimensional, object-based approach to designing, mixing, and processing sound that results in extremely natural and intelligible audio and a more vibrant, authentic connection between artists and their fans.

L-Acoustics technologies can be heard in places like the Hollywood Bowl, the NFL Cardinals State Farm Stadium, Allianz Arena home of Bayern Munich, or the Philharmonie de Paris, as well as the world’s top-grossing festivals, and on tour or in residencies with world-class artists such as P!nk, Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Mark Knopfler, and Post Malone. Please visit www.l-acoustics.com to learn more.


About L Acoustics Creations

L-Acoustics Creations is a division of L-Acoustics, devoted to the creation of extraordinary sound systems and sound spaces in residential, architectural, and cultural environments. L-Acoustics is the world leader in premium sound systems for live events and large-scale architectural projects: music venues, stadia, performing arts centres, museums, theme parks, and cruise ships. For decades, L-Acoustics has shaped the future of sound through the company’s dedication to innovation, product design excellence and technologies that enable audio professionals and artists to elevate the listener experience. More information at l-acoustics-creations.com.


About JH Audio
JH Audio™ is headquartered in Orlando, Florida serving major entertainment hubs across the United States with offices in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Purveyors of audio innovation and pioneers of the most detailed, accurate in-ear monitors on the market, JH Audio has developed an unrivalled portfolio of proprietary pro-sound technology.


JH Audio™ combines over 25 years’ experience in live audio mixing with more than 15 years of designing and building in-ear monitors for some of the most demanding ears on the planet. JH Audio IEMs have served world-class talents including Van Halen, Aerosmith, Justin Timberlake, U2, Bruno Mars, the Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses, Post Malone, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, and many more. The company rocks a full line of custom in-ear pro music monitors, and their mind-blowing innovations are used by engineers, artists and audiophiles alike.