KLOTZ LP244XY Series with LSC2440YS 24-Way Speaker Multicore

LP244XY1S 2



The LSC2440YS is probably the highest-quality and ruggedest 24-way speaker multicore ever produced by KLOTZ AIS. Designed for resilience in the tough world of live performance, the multicore has 24 stranded bare copper wires (class 6, VDE 0295), colour-coded and numbered, and 4.0 mm2 conductor cross-section, all enclosed in an exceptionally durable PVC jacket offering extreme cold resistance. With an additional braided textile layer for stability, the PVC jacket retains its stability and tensile strength under the most extreme conditions of up to -40°C.



LP244XY3C 1



This 24-way speaker multicore can replace up to three 8-way speaker cables for PA systems such as d&b and L-Acoustics. Its use can significantly cut setup and breakdown times and enables even large-scale line array systems to be hooked up clearly and cleanly without confusion.

With precisely these applications in mind, KLOTZ designed three different models of its LP244XY Series eXtreme multicores with PA-COM® 25p connectors. The LP244XY Series is available in a heavy-duty version with Remke solid metal strain relief and silver-plated or gold-plated contacts. KLOTZ also supplies a budget version with ZEP plastic strain relief and silver-plated contacts. The speaker multicores have PA-COM female connectors without ring on one end and PA-COM male connectors with ring on the other for quick, simple length extension.

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