A huge step forward: dot2 software release 1.2 out now!


Consistent with the MA Lighting philosophy of continual improvement, the dot2 lighting console software has just received a significant upgrade. Based on real dot2 user feedback, this version 1.2 update is available as a free download from www.ma-dot2.com.

 Intuitive operation is the core of the dot2 philosophy and with a comprehensive set of connectivity hardware on all console models, the dot2 range is suitable for most theatre, touring, corporate, television and education lighting environments. The easy to operate dot2 software is available in multiple languages and provides on-board Help and Direct Hints to guide a new user to operate the console to its full potential. A full range of clever programming and playback features provide intuitive access to advanced functionality.

 The new version 1.2 software includes many workflow refinements ensuring the dot2 remains a powerful, versatile and intuitive lighting console.

 New features include:

•          Customizable fixture Layout views

•          Multi-patch fixture functionality

•          Additional playback options

•          Fully assignable DMX ports

•          Auto Backup

•          Fader position identification

•          Remote inputs with pages

•          Programmer view extended

•          Effects representation

 With 5 customisable layout views the user is now able to create a visual representation of the fixture arrangement on stage. The multi-patch fixture functionality works for the DMX patch inside the console as well as the representation of fixtures in the dot2 3D. The improved executor operation allows much easier content sharing between the main and the other executors as well as all executors have additional “swop” and “temp fader” functionality. All DMX ports on all devices can be assigned to any of the DMX universes patched inside the console and the Auto Backup functionality allows the user to set a timer to automatically Backup operation of the showfile. If the real position of a hardware fader differs from its logical position, a small fader bar is displayed to show the logical “should be” position. Remote inputs can be assigned to specific pages and the programmer view shows effect values in red now as well. Additionally all fixtures and presets that are containing effect values are marked with a magenta marker.

 There are even more enhancements in this new software release! Like export functionality for fixture types or conventional fixtures with shapers inside dot2 3D and so on…

 At this year’s Prolight and Sound Frankfurt exhibition, MA Lighting dedicates a whole booth to its dot2 lighting control solution and will features the new software release version 1.2. MA’s product specialist will be available to answer questions or guide you through the latest feature set. Come along and see the latest additions for yourself.

 All information about the dot2 range can be found at the dot2 website: