Endeavour AV is amping up with more Absen!

Endeavour Audio Visual Solutions Kelvin Tilley with Dylan Jones from DWR copy

Endeavour Audio Visual Solution’s Kelvin Tilley with Dylan Jones from DWR Distribution.


Endeavour Audio Visual Solutions is celebrating an incredible year, expanding its inventory with additional Absen NT2.9 panels.

Kelvin Tilley and Richard Horwell, founders behind the technical supply company that recently relocated to larger premises in Randburg, are feeling a blend of excitement and gratitude. In August of this year, in response to the bustling entertainment industry, they initially purchased Absen NT2.9 panels from DWR Distribution. With demand on the rise, they’re now on their second batch of these panels and eagerly looking forward to another shipment scheduled for February next year!

Starting a new business is like embarking on an adventure, and every owner ponders the cost and risk involved. Kelvin and Richard, filled with optimism at the beginning of their Endeavour AV journey in 2021, were taken aback by how swiftly things unfolded. “I knew we’d take off, but not like this, not this quick,” confesses Kelvin with sincerity. “The journey has been nothing short of amazing, and we’re grateful for the chance to collaborate with fantastic clients who just keep on growing. Everyone has been giving it their all.”

The Absen NT Series is becoming a go-to choice for the South African market—reliable, cost-effective, and backed by DWR Distribution’s dedicated tech support. Dylan Jones from DWR oversees the brand and has been pleased to witness the soaring demand for these LED panels and companies incorporating Absen into their shows with spectacular results. “More than that, it’s heart-warming for me to see people putting in the effort and reaping the rewards,” Dylan comments. “Richard and Kelvin are a pleasure to work with and seeing them achieve new heights has been inspiring.”