Clear-Com’s TWC-703 2-Channel Adapter now available

TWC 703 left top angle e1623175569801


The TWC-703 replaces the TWC-701 as Clear-Com’s option to allow TW partylines to become an integral part of any Clear-Com partyline system. TWC devices allow two Clear-Com partylines to be combined to a single dual channel TW output for devices such as the RS-703 beltpack. TWC-703 adds full call signal translation between the Clear-Com and TW partylines on both channels.

TWC 703 front straight on

Additionally, the TWC-703 allows it to be powered from an optional PSU power supply allowing power injection to the TW output to construct larger systems. It can also enable the TWC-703 to be used as a standalone system, using its built in auto-termination as the smallest two-channel intercom system on the market – and Clear-Com’s first ever TW power supply.


For more information, visit:  Available at DWR Distribution.