Breakthru Life Church Illuminates its Congregants

With the construction of their new auditorium Breakthru Life Church wanted a new lighting solution to suit their needs. Their lighting needs were met by DWR Distribution, a leading distributor of lighting and audio equipment in South Africa, who provided ambient lighting without distancing the audience. Darryl Reid, an administrator for BreakThru Life Church says, “We wanted to intentionally include a wash to shine on the congregation in the new auditorium, which we don’t have in our old auditorium. This concept is to assist in removing any barriers between the congregation and the musicians. We all worship together.”

IMG 4322

The church wanted to create a mood in which everyone felt like they were participating, “removing the spectator mentality” as Darryl calls it. This idea was seen through with the Longman Facepar 900A’s. A small but capable fixture that allows for simple effects and the fixtures’ effects definitely affected the congregants, “Overall the congregation have loved the new lighting, all around positive feedback”, says Darryl.

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DWR Distribution was also tasked with the installation of the ceiling lights, made by Giant Light and Darryl is again enthused with the results of the install and says, ” We can now ensure the entrance is well lit even if the rest of the auditorium has dimmed lighting, we can ensure there is sufficient lighting for the parents with toddlers and have areas in the auditorium with low lighting and the effect lighting encourages congregation participation. Everyone is happy”.IMG 4469 Edit