Jannie de Jager
Tech Support & Demos

Jannie de Jager

Jannie joined DWR at the end of 2016 and will assist Gareth Chambers and Bruce Riley with technical back-up and service, particularly focusing on lighting consoles.

When leaving school, Jannie started studying Civil Engineering, but while working at an engineering company for a practical he realized he did not enjoy construction. Through a friend he was introduced to the entertainment industry.

“I’ve always been a geek and a gadget freak, playing around on computers, gaming, getting my head around the technical and figuring things out,” said Jannie. Thanks to the way his brain is wired, understanding equipment and consoles has come easy. Jannie is driven by an inner commitment to help people and is personally driven by a sense to achieve. He also loves motorbikes. “Of course I enjoy lighting, design and technology but it’s the people in the industry that are so nice making it easy to be positive,” he added.

E-Mail : [email protected]