Keith Pugin
Installation & Project Mngmt

Keith Pugin

I started at DWR in July 2012. At first I started up the first little DWR manufacturing department, where we manufactured small items such as staging legs, custom brackets, small orders of stairs & hand railings etc. Along with this I was doing all the CAD drawings and designs of such.

From there I joined the sales department, specialising in structures, rigging and installations related sales. After JC left, I stepped up to assist with installations and project management, a position I still hold within the company.

I am slowly being integrated into the manufacturing department again where I will be spending the next bunch of years sucking Rob Young’s brain dry of much of his skills and knowledge in the theatrical machinery department – very big shoes to fill!

My early years in life: I grew up with an amazing father; his lifetime career as an architect, taught me to do all my own work when it comes to home improvement, woodworking etc. This is where my technical mind blossomed. I remember the hiding I got at 8 years old, when I took my dad’s lathe completely apart to see how it works, and couldn’t re-assemble it! After the hiding I was tasked to “figure it out” and re-assemble it. Instead of seeing it as a punishment, I made this a project to completely restore this old lathe, which I did and once complete, was like a brand new machine! This experience is where my love of all things mechanical grew to the love of this industry I am blessed to be in today.

One of my dreams and goals for the future, is to become a well-known figure in the industry – someone who made a remarkable difference in some way or the other.

E-Mail : [email protected]