Kevin Stannett
Theatre Sales


Lighting Designer Kevin Stannett joined DWR Distribution on 1st September 2016 and takes care of theatres, schools, broadcast, television and casino sale.

Having a background to Back of House, Kevin is familiar with the infrastructure behind products and has had hands on experience working with gear.

For DWR it’s all about the people and having the right people. People we can trust and people our clients can trust. It’s a pleasure to have Kevin on the team, a person who will go the extra mile for the industry.


In 1996, at the age of 15, Kevin Stannett started working at The Sound Stage in Midrand.  He was obviously too young to have a driver’s license so his dad would drop him off at work. Denis Hutch was the designer there at the time and Alistair Kilbee was Kevin’s direct boss. “It was hard work, I mean, even as a 15-year-old, there was no playing games,” Kevin recalls. “It was a small venue, a small rig, but it was done right. I was a followspotter and we got hammered for any slip-ups!

When Alistair left The Sound Stage to join what was then known as Caesars (today Emperors Palace) he was called back by Richard Loring to be involved with the opening of African Footprint. “Alistair needed someone to fill his position at Caesars so he called me,” said Kevin. “I don’t claim to be anywhere near Denis Hutchinson’s league but indirectly that precision, getting it right, filtered through from Denis to Alistair and then to me and to the two guys that I’ve trained since, both of whom now work out of the country.”

In addition, Kevin worked as a freelancer lighting designer, one of his clients being Natanïel, whom he worked with for many years. In 2016, Kevin also received the Naledi Lighting Designer of the Year Award.

“It’s an honour to have Kevin on the team,” said Duncan Riley of DWR. “I look forward to this amazing opportunity.”

E-Mail : [email protected]