Sherryn Riley
Marketing Coordinator

Sherryn Riley

Sherryn Riley saw the start of DWR Distribution in May 2006, back then a sandwich and coffee maker for the only two other team members, Duncan Riley and Nick Britz.

“They were good times,” says Sherryn. “I have many memories like painting out the garage because I wanted it to be nice and fresh. There was so much happening and there was no clarity on what tomorrow would bring, but there was peace and wonderful people supporting Duncan like his parents, of course Nick Britz, Mike Jones from MJ Event Gear who was a rock to us, our friends Otto and Sonja Horlacher and many others. Everything fell into place, God was faithful.”

Over the past decade, it has been amazing to write stories on technicians whose careers have grown over this time. “My journalistic skills are far from perfect, but the people in the industry have given me their time and have been very generous in opening up their lives to us. It means a lot to me.”

In marketing it has been a pleasure to work with international suppliers and various media contact both locally such as Pro-Systems Magazine and internationally. “Each time I see South African news receiving international exposure, I get such a kick out of it. I am very grateful to both the media and suppliers who have helped the articles to travel around the world.”

Marketing has been a team effort at DWR. “Some of the best ideas have come from Duncan,” ended Sherryn. “He is kind and fair and comes up with some really exciting projects which I’ve enjoyed being part of. The DWR team know the importance of marketing and always take photos, hand out swag and try to make our customers feel special. I love working here, I love the people I work with and I am delighted to finally have someone to join me in this department – Lee Baird you are a life saver!”

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