A BIG One for Robe at Prolight+Sound 2024

Robe ProlightSound 2024 Preview iBOLT IMG 4067

Robe celebrated a BIG birthday at Prolight+Sound 2024 – the Czech manufacturer will be 30 – thirty years of proudly embracing the passion, joys and challenges of the entertainment and performance industry and constantly bringing new technology and ideas to the world of creative lighting and visual design!

Naturally … there were some brilliant new products launched in Hall 12.1 on stand D10, the centrepiece of which was the iBOLTTM – a super-bright high powered searchlight type of fixture guaranteed to blow people away with its brightness and features.

Other products launched included the iESPRITE® Fresnel, the T15 FresnelTM, T15 PCTM the Footsie1TM and Footsie2TM Slim versions, the T32 CycTM and the T32 CycTM Slim, the iProMotionTM Landscape + iProMotionTM Portrait, the FORTE® Fresnel / PC and the iSpiiderX®.


Also launched was the iT12 Fresnel TM, a powerful outdoor fresnel wash fixture which included an ingenious new patented F2LTM fresnel-lens system, comprising two lenses engineered with a smooth outer surface to eliminate the debris accumulation commonly found on outdoor fresnel lenses.


In addition, the iFORTE® LTX LightMaster was previewed.



More on the products:




The iBOLTTM is a unique, innovative, hugely bright fixture that is the first real replacement for conventional 7K xenon searchlights on the market. With the same feature set as Robe’s groundbreaking and universally popular MegaPointe®, the iBOLT can be a beam, spot, wash and effects luminaire for stage and outdoor use. It has a beautiful – 300mm – large front lens and has been described as “a MegaPointe on super-steroids!”


The LSW-5™ white laser phosphor light source produces massively potent beams of light for optimum performance and reach, which are combined with the latest Searchlight and Skyflower technology plus extremely low power consumption, weight and compact size in this incredible fixture.


The iBOLT’s 300mm front lens has precision optics for creating high-definition beams which are adjustable via a 0.4° – 8.5° zoom. SpektraBeam™ is a paradigm-shifting patented effects engine for producing transformative lighting experiences and a CMY + Colour wheel with DataSwatch™ library unlocks a vast, near unlimited array of colours.


The complete iBOLT effects package includes gobo wheels, patented MLP™ stackable multi-level prisms, and continuous PAN rotation.


ScanGuard™ is a patent-pending continuous safety monitoring feature with auto-cut to prevent direct source viewing, and to deal with the most challenging exterior environmental conditions, the fixture benefits from Robe’s patented POLAR+™, EMS™ and RAINS™ IP protection technologies.


iBOLT – A Force of the Future!


T15 FresnelTM  and T15 PCTM

This is a fixture for broadcast studios and theatres featuring Robe’s new ZoomStatTM system with stationary fresnel or PC lens (patent pending) and motorised zoom range of 10° – 72° with a soft fresnel style of light output and a CRI of 95 that is perfect for natural skin tones.

With ZoomStatTM incorporating a stationary front Fresnel or PC lens, an impressively wide beam angle exceeding 70° is produced.

In conjunction with the motorized zoom functionality, ZoomStat™ enables adjustment of the beam / wash spread in three different ways – remotely from the console, via a motorized fader conveniently located on the fixture’s side, or through user-friendly backlit control buttons situated on the fixture’s rear panel.

The fixture offers CMY or RGB colour control with a virtual CCT range from 2.700K to 8.000K.

Robe’s Cpulse™ flicker-free management is ideal for use with all the latest camera systems.

The in-house designed, developed, and manufactured MSL-TE™ 350W LED engine offers an excellent 11,960 lumen output, and other benefits include the AirLOC™ for less residue and less noise. The zero airflow-over-optics means extended cleaning intervals and low noise levels make it ideal for sound-sensitive environments.

A PC version of the T15 fixture is also available with identical features.

iT12 FresnelTM


The fixture features a newly developed and patented F2LTM Fresnel lens, specifically designed for outdoor IP65 / IP66 requirements. It is easy to clean from the outside due to the smooth surface, while boosting the homogeneity of the light output across the entire 10:1 ratio zoom range, from a tight 6° beam to an impressive 60° big wash.


For producing versatile and seamless area wash lighting across diverse environments, the iT12 Fresnel™ stands out, offering exceptional colour rendition and robust protection. This uniquely designed luminaire is a modular solution tailored to outdoor controlled area lighting requirements.


The iSE-MSL-TE™ 500W Multi-Spectral TRANSFERABLE ENGINE LED source offers selectable CMY, RGB or individual colour emitter control, factory-calibrated whites and variable CCT from 2.700 to 8.000K, a CRI of 95 plus, and an 11,000-lumen output.


Utilising Robe’s TRANSFERABLE ENGINE (TE™) technology, T-Series colour finesse, and dependable replay-ability, the iT12 Fresnel™ is a comprehensive fresnel-style all-weather solution with cutting-edge features.


BARS™ locks the motorised zoom firmly in position, even during power-cycling; RAINS™ – active management of internal microclimate controls humidity, temperature and pressure; POLAR+™ – standby mode maintains instant availability at temperatures of down to minus 50° Centigrade; parCoat™ is a unique hydrophobic, oleophobic particle-resistant lens coating.


It also has Cpulse™ flicker-free management for working with all camera and vision systems and the F2L™ system described above.


iESPRITE® Fresnel

This is a new generation of fresnel lens luminaires for external use, powered by Robe’s TETM (TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology) with the white iSE-TE™ 650W HP (High Power) and HCF (High Colour Fidelity) LED engines, which are easy to install, exchange and replace as needed and required.

The fixture is equipped with a newly developed and patented F2LTM Fresnel lens specifically designed for outdoor IP65 / IP66 requirements. It is easy to clean from the outside and boosts the homogeneity of the light output across the entire 10:1 ratio zoom range, from a tight 6° beam to an impressive 62° big wash.

The iESPRITE Fresnel has a Zoom range of 6° – 62°, CMY / CTO + 2 colour wheels and patented ChromaTintTM – plus / minus green correction function. This technology enables adjustment of the desired delta UV to give more greenish or pinkish tones of white light output across the entire CCT range via a dedicated control channel.

Other key features are the 4Door™ internal barndoor module and RotaScrim™ – an internal Scrim module with a graduated filter for asymmetrical positional control. Both are Robe patented solutions.

Humidity temperature and pressure is monitored, managed, and controlled with Robe’s active and patented RAINS™ IP65-rated management system.

The need for Pan and Tilt calibration movement can be removed via MAPS™, Robe’s patented Motionless Absolute Positioning System, with other highly useful features including POLAR+™ technology, Cpulse™ flicker-free management and parCoat™ lens coating.

Footsie1TM and Footsie2TM Slim

Two new variants of Robe’s next generation low profile footlights reduce the footprint even more with a single cable tray. This IP65-rated LED footlight system can be used anywhere – in theatres, on concert stages and along catwalks and set pieces of all types.

The fixtures are available with Warm White (CRI 90+), Tuneable White or RGBW light sources, and are quick and simple to connect via 60 cm and 120 cm lengths plus a selection of available corner angles.

An Innovative SPREAD™ system helps remove side glare into the audience, and the self-contained single storage tray can conceal any loose power, audio, or data cables, removing this frequent trip hazard!

BluMark™ safety offers subtle low-level blue LED indication of the stage edges without affecting any of lighting states and the PIP™ – Performer Indication Point – separately controlled RGB LEDs at 10 cm spacings can provide artists with digital marks for critical moments on the show.


The IP65-rated iSpiiderX® has an advanced protective minimalistic design with extremely low weight of 18kg and is an impressive 13,100 lumen RGBW LED WashBeam luminaire.

Dynamic visual effects can be achieved utilising its individual pixel mapping capabilities, and the popular inbuilt “Flower effect” is handy for creating some surprise additional effects, together with a variable zoom of 4° to 50°.

DataSwatch™ filters offer a series of pre-programmed colours and tones including the most frequently used whites – 2,700K, 3,200K, 4,200K, 5,600K and 8,000K – all with excellent tungsten emulation effect.

EasyClean™ is a newly designed and patented lens ‘sandwich’ system for straightforward cleaning and time saving lens maintenance, and the non-reflective front lens is ideal for broadcast applications.

The fixture’s RAINS™ IP65-rated management system means it is good for proper outdoor use and Robe’s MAPS™ Motionless Absolute Positioning System and POLAR+™ technology are also included, together with Cpulse™ flicker-free management.

T32 CycTM Slim

Cyc lighting has long been an art in its own right, and this is a low profile, interconnectable, asymmetrical cyclorama fixture for covering any stage or large surface area.

The DataSwatch™ onboard colour library provides a rapid access pre-programmed colour selection, with tungsten emulation for seamless integration with traditional existing lighting rigs.

The colours are perfectly rendered, with ratings of CR:96 and TLCI:97, and RGB or CMY colour mixing, with individual emitter control for advanced users offering faster programming.

The fixtures are exceptionally quiet so great for drama theatres or orchestral venues with L3™ 18-bit dimming for beautifully refined fine-tuned fades to black. There is Cpulse for camera environments and AirLOC™ for reduced residue deposits and less cleaning!

T32 CycTM

Designed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading lighting designers, opera houses and theatres, Robe’s T32 Cyc™ features all the performance, tools, subtlety, and control to assist with making designs even more exciting and visually stimulating.


Effective cyc lighting has always been challenging, but this product addresses all those past issues and attains greater reach, smoother coverage, and more visual impact than ever before from an LED luminaire.


The low-profile, easily inter-connectable T32 Cyc™ contains powerful RGBBAL multi-chip LEDs to generate the highest light levels and faithfully reproduce those full-spectrum colours and tints favoured by designers worldwide.


Opti-6™ – a 6:1 height-to-distance ratio asymmetrical optical system produces a uniform flat field coverage even when in close proximity to the cyclorama, freeing up valuable stage space for performers, set, props, etc.


From either the top or base of the cyclorama, Robe’s unique, patented motorised VertiSpot™ feature provides vertical crossover point control, superior blending, and vertical output variance.


Four individually controllable zones offer increased variations and effects and motorised tools facilitating split-second scene changes, giving designers substantially more scope than time-consuming, conventional, manually adjusted fixtures!


The T32 Cyc™ features the T-Series’ colour consistency and seamlessly integrates with other lighting, thanks to a virtually controlled CCT range of 2.700K to 8.000K, plus calibrated whites, the DataSwatch™ onboard colour library and tungsten emulation. All the colours are perfectly rendered with exceptional ratings of CR:96 and TLCI:97, and RGB or CMY colour mixing control offers faster programming.


FORTE® Fresnel PC

This is a new variant in Robe’s popular FORTE® range, a high output wash luminaire for TV, theatres and concert stages and a true replacement for traditional 2.5kW HMI fresnel lights which has been long awaited!

The iFORTE® Fresnel PC has an in-house designed, developed, patented, and manufactured TE™ 1.000W XP (Xtra Power) White 6.700K LED engine that delivers an intense light output of 40,500 lumens (fresnel) and 41,000 (PC).

There are CMY / CTO + 2 colour wheels together with CRI 80 / 90 filters and ChromaTintTM (patented plus / minus green correction function). This technology enables adjustment of the desired delta UV to give more greenish or more pinkish tones of white light output across the entire CCT range via a dedicated control channel.

The fixture also features Robe’s 4Door™ internal barndoors system with individual control of the 4 leaves and +/- 90° rotation of the entire module (also patented).

RotaScrim™ is a patented graduated filter with positional control for asymmetrical light output and hotspot removal, and the fixture is very quiet for noise-sensitive environments. AirLOC™ – no-airflow-over-optics reduces the required cleaning times and the Cpulse™ flicker-free management means it can be used with the latest camera systems.

iProMotion™ Landscape + iProMotion™ Portrait

The IP65-rated Robe iProMotion™ moving head effects and video projector is now available in both landscape and portrait configurations for indoor and outdoor use – great for advertisement, retail promotions, shops, car showrooms, clubs and bars.


The fixtures offer 1000 ANSI Lumens of output with a long-lasting LED source; (comparable to 5000 Lumens from the lamp-based unit), with RGB and CMY colour mixing capabilities; digital gobos, graphic effects, images and videos … plus a dynamic range of in-built effects.


Keystone, iris and motorised focus give full control of visual creations with the ability to upload custom artwork, photographs and videos and to live stream multimedia content over RTSP.


Optional ADM™ (Automatic Distance Meter) keeps the projection sharp and automatically focused, and Robe’s RAINS™ IP-rated management system enables the monitoring and control of humidity, temperature and pressure.


Reduced power consumption and POLAR+™ technology maintain instant fixture availability in subzero conditions.




Shown publicly for the first time since recent launches at PLASA and / or LDI 2023 will be the iFORTE® LTX, iESPRITE®, iPAINTE®, iBeam 350™ and iTetra2™ – all of them expanding Robe’s comprehensive iSERIES range of luminaire for outdoors, indoors and all environments.

Serious thought has gone into Robe’s iSERIES fixtures, which all feature several very cool patented technologies keeping them ahead of the game. They are also designed to be near-identical to the standard counterpart products in each range, maximising flexibility and making it easy to mix-and-match IP rated and standard fixtures.

The iFORTE® LTX and iFORTE® LTX FS (Follow Spot) launched at the end of 2023 have already become in demand and benchmarks for mid to large scale shows, events and tours worldwide.


This is currently the brightest fixture on the market and an ultimate long throw LED wash beam for all environments, developed for stadium shows, concerts and all events and spectaculars where serious intensity is needed over massive distances.

Powered by Robe’s internally designed, developed, patented, and manufactured iSE-TE™ 1000W XP (Xtra Performance) IP65-rated White LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE, this produces an incredible, industry-leading 335.000 Lux at 5 metres!

Innovative optics attain absolute WashBeam functionality, and the FORTE® LTX WB can operate in various ways. Standard Optical Mode permits the widest 3.5° – 52° coverage. Using the iris, the beam can be narrowed for 2°-52° coverage.

XR7™ eXtreme Reach Follow Spot technology is new and highly innovative technology delivering stadium level performance with an ultra-tight 0.7 – 2° beam for crisp, incisive beams without any intensity loss due to an engaged iris over long distances

Robe’s powerful data-capturing TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology offers all the advantages of field exchange, cost-effective replacement, plus the ability to keep up with LED development to ensure an exceptionally long fixture life. With typical lumen maintenance of L70\B50 50,000 hours, the 4-year 20,000-hour warranty gives peace of mind, whatever the weather.

The iFORTE® LTX WB can create an imposing visual statement with its beautiful solid beam and 245mm front lens.


The luminaire features CamFit™ which is pre-wired and pre-balanced for the addition of a dedicated IP65-rated RoboSpot™ camera if required.


This is the ultimate long throw, high output, all-environment LED WashBeam with an integral camera for use with the RoboSpot™ system, a luminaire capable of true, stadium-level reach!


The fixture redefines the boundaries of output, optical excellence, and performance while retaining the subtleties and nuances of theatrical precision, the iSERIES IP65-rated Robe iFORTE® LTX FS is a truly next-generation WashBeam luminaire with an integral camera for live concert touring, indoors or out!


The iFORTE® LTX FS has a full HD digital camera mounted on the head, with parCoat™ lens protection to ensure a clear picture even in inclement weather. The IP65-rated camera features 32 x optical and 32 x digital zoom, and is suitable for low light levels down to 0.05 lux.


Powered by Robe’s latest, most powerful, iSE-TE™ 1.000W XP (Xtra Performance) IP65-rated White LED TRANSFERABLE ENGINE, this produces an incredible, industry-leading 355,000 lx at 5 metres.


RoboSpotTM  Full network capabilities

Full network capabilities are now available for Robe’s popular RoboSpot remote follow spotting system which can now be seamlessly integrated with IP networks.

Thanks to the foresight of RDMNet implemented in Robe products, the existing capabilities of remote device management are taken to the next level. This advanced protocol standardizes the behaviour and configuration over flat or routed network structures.

Device discovery, settings and operations, especially over long distances, can now be performed directly between the RoboSpot system and the Robe fixtures, eliminating the need to add other kit like splitters or nodes.

The process of setting DMX addresses, DMX modes or personality preferences remotely on Robe luminaires is now unified whether wired, wireless or via network.

By integrating RDMNet into the products, customers have the most efficient and effective way of remotely managing their devices with the ability to see changes made by other controllers, RDMNet provides a level of flexibility and control previously unavailable.


The Anolis LyraeTM range makes challenging inground installations massively easier, starting with the LyraeTM XS Fix MC.

The high light output from its powerful LEDs can be utilised with assorted optics, from narrow to wide and a bi-symmetrical option, and the fixtures can be fitted with anti–skid glass to the highest safety standards without any impact on its excellent colour mixing.

Anolis’ new AgameTM luminaire is an IP rated multifunctional solution specifically crafted to accentuate the perimeters of windows and arches. Available in 8W, it produces a strikingly uniform monochromatic or RGBW / RGBA line of light, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of architectural facades. An 180° beam angle ensures even light distribution across a wide area.

CalummaTM, Ambiane® and Eminere® product ranges will also be demonstrated showing the ever-expanding breadth and ingenuity of Anolis products.

CalummaTM M & S fixtures are now available with asymmetric optics specifically designed for street, road, and pathway use, where unwanted glare reduction and efficiency are paramount. The unit is engineered for pole mounted applications that optimise pole spacings and enhance sustainability.

The Ambiane® SP range has been expanded with an adjustable version of the downlight and a new pendant version which offer the same key features – homogenous light output, power balancing, 18-bit dimming and TV friendly ChromaTintTM +/- green control. Currently these are available in Pure White, Tuneable White, RGBW and Tungsten Dim formats.

The Ambiane® SP16 pendant remote – currently the smallest of the range – will also be on the stand demo – offering an efficient, powerful, and high-quality solution for lower ceiling applications.

Artistic Licence

As part of the Robe Business group, Artistic Licence will display a selection of its omnipresent lighting control technology products popular across the entertainment industry and a favourite for systems integrators and installers. As the originators of Art-Net, the company produces an assortment of inventive gateways, splitters, switches, protocol converters and other related networking and test products and solutions.

Made by Artistic Licence for Robe, two new products will be shown on the booth – the Robe Rack Gateway RDM and the Robe Truss Split RDM.


Leading UK lighting console and media server manufacturer Avolites – A Robe Business – is delighted to be part Robe’s PL+S team this year, celebrating the fantastic 30th anniversary.

Avolites will be publicly releasing v17 of Titan, its popular lighting control software, which itself celebrates a 15-year anniversary later in 2024.  The Avo booth will feature all the brand’s best known and loved consoles D9 and T3, as well as the Arena and Tiger Touch II, plus Avo’s Q-series media servers which will be running a beta version of their new Prism One (licence level) media software, which is set for a Spring release.

The synergies and vision existing between all these Robe businesses will be reflected in the stand layout of this special anniversary showcase for Robe, that exhibited at its first Prolight in 1994. The expo itself has a significance in the company’s history and the brand’s own development and growth, reflecting an incredible journey from humble beginnings to market leading technologies, products, and philosophies.