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VuePix® is a market leader in LED screen technology utilizing the highest quality and design standards for indoor and outdoor applications.

VuePix® is founded by a team with skilled and experienced engineers, who have dedicated themselves to research and provide the highest quality and complete LED display system solutions. This product is available in South Africa from DWR Distribution.

The VuePix® range of LED video solutions incorporates indoor and outdoor LED video screens and LED mesh, making this one of the most versatile LED video ranges on the market. VuePix® is at the forefront of LED video technology, maintaining the highest standards offering superior color depth and uniformity through their hand selected LED chips.

VuePix® enables you to redefine the imaging landscape and customize LED video screens and curtains to your specifications. Already installed in many stadiums and sporting arenas, and adopted by large rental houses for production and touring, the VuePix® range offers unsurpassed versatility and quality.

VuePix® has its own manufacturing facility that meets stringent quality control using state of the art technology. VuePix® has its own dedicated offices throughout Europe, USA and Asia Pacific with extensive distribution and service networks through the world.

At VuePix®, we know our clients expect the highest levels of customer service and an amazing finished product. As a new innovative company, we have worked closely with organizations nationwide to deliver cost-effective, quality LED display and peripherals. We also provide outstanding training to our customers as we have global network partners and dedicated service agents around the world.

VuePix® has invested heavily in the latest equipment for its manufacturing facility. After production is complete, our engineers thoroughly examine each product to ensure it passes the highest and strictest quality standard. VuePix® has a simulated indoor and outdoor testing, logistics management and distribution ensuring uncompromised quality and reliability.