Theatre Lighting Workshop

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A two-day Theatre Lighting Workshop will be presented by lighting designer Michael Broderick from DWR Distribution from 5 to 6 June, 9am to 5pm, at DWR in Johannesburg.

Michael’s main focus is to give people an understanding on the essentials when lighting a stage or musical performance and why a theatrical approach is important.

“Above all else, I try to instill a passion for this amazing industry that we are lucky to find ourselves in,” says Michael. The impact of lighting a production should never be underestimated and when delegates are familiar with the fundamentals of light, colour and design, combined with technical knowledge, the presence of lighting becomes the silent but powerful supporting actor on stage.

Michael uses photos and recalls past experiences, as a respected South African lighting designer, to take delegates on a journey. The workshop combines theory with practical demonstrations and includes invaluable guidelines.

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