SOS helps towards Sineziwe’s hospital bill

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Sineziwe Khumalo looking so good after being in a coma and on life support.


After hearing that funds were being raised for the hospital bill for young Sineziwe Khumalo, who landed up in a coma and on life support after her lungs collapsed while working on an event, the SOS Charity Fund were glad to assist with a donation. Thankfully, all’s well that ends well!

Belinda Saville, well known South African events and project manager, sent out a cry for assistance from the industry on the social media platform to cover medical expenses for Sineziwe. After being released from ICU, Belinda then welcomed Sineziwe into her home to assist her with the initial recovery.

“This is my fifth year in the events industry,” said Sineziwe. “That is how I came to know the amazing Belinda who has been my mentor since day one. My roles in projects have included assisting with general productions demands, seeing to all compliance issues, ensuring all talent operations are being met, managing the event site and making sure all runs smoothly. Thank you to Belinda Saville, Gabisile Nkabinde and Gabriella Peppas for their contribution to my growth in the most amazing way.”

What a wonderful relief that Sineziwe is up and running. Blessings.


Sineziwe collapsed at work and doctors later confirmed she had pneumonia. “I must have overlooked the symptoms, my lungs collapsed and I was left in a coma and on life support in hospital” she explains. “My heart now is bursting with gratitude. To all who helped with the medical expenses, you are truly guardian angels. Life had been taken away from me and you grabbed it and gently handed it over. DWR Distribution have given me the opportunity to continue my journey with the knowledge of how precious life is. I am alive through your selflessness and desire to help those in need. I would really love to meet everyone at DWR as you have inspired me tremendously.”

They say that dynamite comes in small packages and Belinda says this is very true of Sineziwe. “She has a smile that lights up a room. For the last few years that I have been privileged to work with her, she constantly amazes me. Sineziwe has boundless energy and always takes on more and more work and responsibilities – her problem is that she is good at what she does. I hope that from now on she will look after herself and not ignore her body because – we want her around for years to come. I know that I will end up managing a project for her one day! When Duncan called, it was such a relief and the two Gabi’s and I sobbed like babies. Thank you SOS!”

Duncan Riley from DWR Distribution, who heads the SOS Charity Fund, was very pleased to hear that Sineziwe was on the mend. “It was an honour to be of assistance and we have to thank Belinda for initiating the drive,” said Duncan. “It made such a difference and demonstrated the real power of care and compassion we have for each other in this industry. Sineziwe, we can’t wait to meet you too!”