Lighting Technician

Alexander Farmer

Lighting Technician and Designer

083 659 1592
Anthony Kuun

Lighting Technician and Sound Engineer

Chris Hall

Proficient live sound and lighting engineer

082 459 1355
Gideon Naude

Lighting and sound tech based in Cape Town with AV experience and willing to do all.

0741 640 619
Gustav Stander

Lighting, Rigging, AV & Sound
Ant House Production
063 155 7957 / 011-044-1111
Kabelo Mogorosi

Lighting Technician and Operator

073 435 0817
Lefeti Kambile

Lighting Operator and Technician

078 163 9026
Marco Duvenhage

AV / LX or Audio Tech

081 209 4531
Mongezi manquthu

I am an experienced Sound Engineer.  I moved over to lighting in 2012.  Have worked on a number of shows where I was part of the technical team for example Woman of Note in Bloemfontein; and at the Dipontsho Festival, Diamons and Doring in 2016 which was held in Kimberly and Oppikoppie where I was responsible for the lighting at the top bar.

I am a dedicated person who learns quickly.

Namhla Blou

I have experience working in theatres, live outdoor events, festivals and film and tv productions as a lighting design, lighting technician, stage manager, technical stage manager, production manager and stage hand, rigger, backline, sound technician and as a runner.


I know how to set up, trouble shot, operate a console and maintain lights.

Samuel Refilwe Makwa Chiloane

Lighting Technician and “Extra Hand”

072 826 0449